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The HR Mavericks podcast is a weekly show dedicated to helping small, local businesses improve their HR or people functions. Each HR Mavericks episode features an interview with a small business HR pro or thought leader who shares tangible tips and firsthand experiences on topics such as recruiting and hiring best practices, onboarding new hires, building culture, employee journey mapping, employee recognition, employee engagement, leadership development, internal company communication and more.

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Ep. 62

Updating Your Unwritten Employee/Employer Contracts w/ Philip Romm

In episode 62, we talk with Philip Romm about how he sees evidence of unwritten employer-employee contracts every day as he advises growing companies about their strategic HR.

Ep. 61

The Power of Storytelling in Employee Benefits w/ Leslie Carver

In episode 61, we talked with Leslie Carver who uses storytelling to educate employees about their benefits.

Ep. 60

Celebrating National Payroll Week w/ Christine Stolpe

In episode 60, we sat down with Christine Stolpe to discuss what Payroll Appreciation Week is all about and how employers and employees alike can get more informed about their paychecks.

Ep. 59

Demystifying the Value of HR Certification w/ Anthony Howard

In episode 59, we talk with Anthony Howard about HR certifications and if they are really needed in the world of HR.

Ep. 58

Keeping Employees Healthy at Work w/ Clint Van Marrewijk

In episode 58, we talked with Clint Van Marrewijk about the importance of preparation when it comes to health and safety.

Ep. 57

Why Your Company Needs Human Resources w/ Remone Robinson

In episode 57, we talked with Remone Robinson about why it’s important to trust HR pros when it comes to people

Ep. 56

The Three Cornerstones of Resilience w/ Tim Reitsma

In episode 56, we talked with Tim Reitsma about how to move through crises (personal and company-wide) and return to a pre-crisis state.

Ep. 55

Employee Labor Relations: More Than Policies w/ Heather Anderson

In episode 55, we talk with Heather Anderson about her insights on the importance of employee labor relations.

Ep. 54

What Is a Veteran-Ready Employer? w/ Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz

In episode 54, we talk with Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz to discuss the challenges that veterans face in the civilian world and learn how to become a veteran-ready employer.

Ep. 53

Adopting a Fulfillment Mindset w/ Tony Martignetti

In episode 53, we talk with Tony Martignetti about how to find fulfillment at work – and help others do the same.

Ep. 52

HR Lessons From Meghan Markle w/ Robin Schooling

In episode 52, we sat down with Robin Schooling to learn how HR practitioners can follow Meghan Markle’s example and make the best of opposition.

Ep. 51

When They Win, You Win – Being a Great Manager w/ Russ Laraway

In episode 51, we sat down with Russ Laraway to learn more about what makes a strong leader, how employee engagement affects performance, and the steps that good (or even not-so-good) managers can take to become great managers.

Ep. 50

Managing Loneliness in the Workplace w/ Dr. Kevin Skinner

In our 50th episode, we talk with Dr. Kevin Skinner about why people feel lonely at work, how it affects their job performance, and what business owners and HR can do to help.

Ep. 49

Creating and Keeping High Performing Teams w/ Molly McGrath

In episode 49, we talk with Molly McGrath about a few ways to motivate superstar team members to stay with a company.

Ep. 48

Building a 5-Star Recruiting Program w/ Heenle Turner

In episode 48, we talk with Heenle Turner about recruiting top talent with planning, clarity, and culture in this applicant-driven climate.

Ep. 47

Increasing Employee Engagement through Communication w/ Tamara Jones

In episode 47, we talked with Tamara Jones about the rising tide of employee turnover and what small businesses can do to improve retention.

Ep. 46

Building a Company Culture by Design w/ Earl Foote

In episode 46, we talk with Earl Foote about the importance of company culture and what makes one strong and healthy.

Ep. 45

Developing Effective Leaders at Every Level w/ Shalie Reich

In episode 45, we sat down with Shalie Reich to better understand the impact of leadership in a small business.

Ep. 44

Improving Employee Retention Through Self-Awareness w/ Steven Farber

In episode 44, we sat down with Steven Farber to talk about the DISC personality assessment and the direct correlation between empowered self-awareness and retention in your small business.

Ep. 43

Making the HR Difference Wherever You Are w/ Lotus Buckner

In episode 43, we sat down with Lotus Buckner to talk about the pros and cons of corporate environments and startups and how you can leverage both to build an HR program that supports your mission.

Ep. 42

Making Meaningful DEI Decisions w/ Kimberly Bozeman

In episode 42, we sat down with Kimberly Bozeman to talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Ep. 41

Attracting Top Talent to Your Team w/ Jessica Holsapple

In episode 42, we talk with Jessica Holsapple about the barriers to recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent in this increasingly employee-driven market.

Ep. 40

Creating Unique Paths to Success for Diverse Talent w/ Darryl Mobley

In episode 40, we sat down with Darryl Mobley to talk about the challenges that diverse employees face that limit or impede their productivity on the job.

Ep. 39

Creating a Holistic Financial Wellness Program w/ Will Peng

In episode 39, we talk with Will Peng about the value of holistic benefits and the importance of offering financial well-being programs for employees as a part of total rewards.

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