Streamline your HR processes to save time and money, and to stay compliant.
Eddy makes it easy to keep track of all the data and documents you have for each of your employees and contractors. No more spreadsheets or filing cabinets.
A place for every bit of employee data, and every bit of employee data in its place
Employee profiles contain everything you need to know about your people. There, you’ll find personal and contact information, job details, signed documents, hours logged, PTO balances, and more.
Employee documents & E-signatures
I-9s, W-4s, non-compete agreements, employee handbook acknowledgements—your employees have a lot to sign. Instead of filing away paper copies, upload, e-sign, and store documents in Eddy so you can view them anytime.
  • You can make any document fillable and signable. Upload a document to Eddy, then add custom text fields where workers can sign, initial, or add information. Organize your templates in folders so it’s easy to find them.
  • Employees have access to their own documents, so you don’t have to spend time tracking down documents for them.
Stay on top of your employees trainings and certifications
Whether you need to track medical licenses, workplace safety certifications, diversity training, or anything else, you’re in control. Customize your trainings, create descriptions, and add employees. You can also decide whether a certification or training is required or optional.
  • If you need to prove that an employee has completed a specific training or certification, attach documents or images to their training in Eddy.
  • Get notified automatically when something is about to expire.
  • Track company-wide training progress with built-in reporting.
Track performance with custom notes
Create notes in employee profiles to track important information from performance reviews, one-on-ones, improvement plans, disciplinary issues, and more. Restrict visibility for notes with sensitive information.
Eddy saves me a lot of time because I don't have to go over to other platforms to find either a form that someone needs to fill out in order to get paid, or a separate form for a performance review, or an address change and a spreadsheet with a phone number. It's just a one click. So it probably saves me 40% of my time just having one place to go to.”
Amy Caldwell
Amy Caldwell
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A better employee experience
Happy people are they key to your business success. Eddy helps keep you people happy with easy access to the easy-to-use tools they need, like simple time tracking, time off requests, org charts, their own documents, and more. All available on the web or our awesome mobile app.
A system that employees will actually use
Eddy is easy to adopt for employees, with no training required. That means much less time dealing with employee requests, as well as a much improved employee experience.
  • Employees can do everything they need to on the Eddy mobile app, like clocking hours, requesting time off, seeing pay stubs, and updating direct deposit accounts and tax withholdings.
  • Employee info can stay up-to-date without you having to get involved—your people can update their own personal and contact info.
  • Employees can access important company documents and links all on their own.
People directory and org chart
Make it easier for your people to feel connected. With the people directory and org chart, it’s easy for your employees to see everyone in your organization and how they are connected.
“Oh gosh, Eddy saves me probably 20 hours a week or more because of the size of our staff and all their needs. It actually enables me to work a little leaner in our corporate office. I can do this in addition to my other duties and instead of hiring another person.”
Lynda Bean
VP & Co-Founder, Bean Family Enterprises
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Compliant and it feels so good
Eddy helps streamline your HR processes, reduce manual errors, and maintain compliance with a wide range of regulations, ultimately mitigating legal risks and ensuring the smooth operation of your business.
Essential documents all have a home
Eddy helps you stay compliant so you can focus on your core operations. How? We have lots of features to automate record keeping:
  • Essential documents (handbooks, employment contracts, policy acknowledgements) are tracked, e-signed, stored securely, and can be easily accessed for audits or compliance checks.
  • Eddy tracks licenses and certifications and sends automated alerts and notifications for training renewals and certificate expirations.
Time and payroll
  • Eddy automates tracking employee work hours, breaks, and overtime. This helps in complying with labor laws related to working hours and overtime pay.
  • Eddy Payroll automates accurate calculation of wages, taxes, and deductions. We file quarterly taxes for you. We create W-2 and 1099 forms to ensure you are compliant with tax regulations and deadlines.
Eddy is our place to house everything, instead of having it duct taped and zip tied together like before, Eddy is now like a grownup version of what we need in order to be super organized.
Amy Caldwell
Chief People Officer at RevRoad
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Reporting and analytics
You can generate compliance reports quickly in Eddy—diversity statistics, EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) data, training records, and other compliance-related metrics required by regulatory agencies.
Access controls and data security
Eddy allows you to define access levels and permissions so sensitive employee data is only accessible to authorized personnel.
“Eddy is nice because I have more time to do my job. It gave me back time. I mean, I know it sounds kind of dramatic. Other programs I've used in the past were good. But it's just that Eddy is so much easier for employees to use.”
Blake Beard
Head of HR, Xima
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