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Reduce payroll errors and stay compliant with laws and deadlines

Eddy's team of payroll experts has decades experience navigating payroll challenges across thousands of small businesses and different industries––so you can trust it will get done right the first time.

Eddy Payroll also includes quarterly and annual tax filings and end-of-year W-2 preparation and filing. All taxes are automatically collected within one banking day after your payroll processes and tax forms are filed as they come due.

Our team will collect and report all new hire and rehire data to the appropriate agencies and all state changes will be automatically updated to ensure compliance. You can also map your general ledger accounts to most accounting systems to ensure seamless updating and accuracy.

Save precious HR time with full-service payroll

Small business HR pros already have enough on their plates––they don’t need payroll too. Partnering with Eddy saves your HR team precious time that can be reinvested in other important HR initiatives.

Eddy Payroll customers rave about the white-glove service our payroll experts provide. (No, seriously.) With dedicated email and phone support someone will always be available to happily help navigate your most complicated payroll challenges.

Worried that “full-service” means you’ll be left in the dark? Not with Eddy Payroll. Request online access to the payroll system to view all payroll reports and check stubs and to map your general ledger. 

Improve the payroll experience for your people

Nothing hurts employee experience more than not getting paid on time. Keep your people happy with accurate, on-time payments. Eddy Payroll also includes multi-pay-period support.

With direct deposit, employees can receive their paychecks within one banking day after processing and can choose up to 4 bank accounts to deposit their paychecks. With printed checks, employees can get quick access to funds by cashing checks at partner banks even without a bank account.

With Eddy Payroll’s end-of-year W-2 and 1099-NEC preparation and filing you’ll be able to distribute accurate tax documents to your employees on-time, every time. All tax documents are also made available online for each employee or contractor to view. No more reprinting W-2 and 1099-NECs. 

Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

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Eddy Pros:

• Having our employee documents digitally stored and easy to access.

• I love the ability to email a form for review and signature to our employees.

• Tracking hours for Payroll

• New employee onboarding is much easier

• Advertising for new employees is coordinated with Job search sites

• Training tracking and much more

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Payroll used to take me about five hours a week, which represents lost opportunities to do other things. Plus, dealing with [our previous provider’s] complicated software and always calling them to ask questions was a few more hours a week.

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Now I’ll never switch [payroll providers], and it’s not just because of the product, but the customer service. Our rep is irreplaceable. I wouldn’t care if I had the chance to save half by going to another company. To know that I can just email her with whatever questions I have or whatever report I might need…it’s fantastic.

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