“ Eddy makes my life so much more simple.”

A case study with Lynda Bean, VP & Co-Founder at Bean Family Enterprises

Lynda Bean
“Once we saw Eddy, I was just flabbergasted that I hadn't used it sooner because it was just so easy to use and it had everything almost that we needed.”

Lynda Bean

VP & Co-Founder, Bean Family Enterprises

The Results

Lynda saves a lot of time and stress by using Eddy for HR and Payroll. She loves the ease-of-use that is central to the Eddy experience.

Saving 20+ Hours Each Week

With the amount of employees that Bean Family Enterprises has, taking care of the staff’s individual needs has the potential to be very time-consuming. With digital processes, things go much faster, and Lynda is left free to focus her efforts elsewhere. She estimates that she saves over 20 hours each week on average by using Eddy.
One of co-owner Lynda Bean’s favorite Eddy features is onboarding. She says, “I really like being able to send an onboarding packet out to a new employee. They handle it, and signatures are gathered, and I can access those documents anytime I need.”
Lynda’s company got Eddy when another company acquired them. She says, “We came along with them and initially we didn't use Eddy. Once we saw it, I was just flabbergasted that I hadn't used Eddy sooner because it was just so easy to use and it had everything almost that we needed: being able to track our employees times, PTO accrual, and different human resources things.”
Lynda also saves time because she doesn’t need to help employees with common tasks anymore. Talking about her employees, she says, “They all love it. I don't have to prompt them to add their picture, and they are able to use it and request time off and there were no issues at all switching from our previous platform because it's so simple that it was wonderful.”
All this time savings adds up. Lynda says “Oh gosh, Eddy saves me probably 20 hours a week or more because of the size of our staff and all their needs. It actually enables me to work a little leaner in our corporate office. I can do this in addition to my other duties and instead of hiring another person.”

Running Payroll Is Simple

A critical part of making payroll easy and fast is to track time in the same system. Having HR + Payroll combined makes running payroll a breeze. For Lynda time tracking is a key Eddy feature. She says it is one of the “most important features” for them. And she loves the simplicity. She explains: “It's very easy for our team to use. We have some really tech savvy team members and then we have some team members that struggle and so this is very easy for them to use.”
Another thing Lynda mentions is PTO accrual. She says without Eddy, “it would be a nightmare to having to keep up with that. And so the fact that our team members can see at any time how much time they've recruited and then do request for time off either paid or unpaid is, is really important.”
Payroll is complicated enough without throwing four states into the mix. Thankfully, Lynda doesn’t have to worry about it. She says that Eddy “makes my life so much more simple because otherwise I would be having to track withholdings for taxes, for child support, other different type of garnishments and making sure that those get paid on time to four different states. And I don't have to worry about all of that. I know it's taken care of once the payroll is approved.”
Lynda loves Eddy’s simplicity and ease-of-use. She says, “I just love the visuals. Other platform look almost like spreadsheets, and with Eddy it is kind of almost nice and delightful to be able to log in and see what's going on with my team.”

Every Employee Gets Recognized

Sometimes, the little things make the biggest difference. Because Eddy shows employee milestones, Lynda can make sure to take the time to appreciate her people. She says, “I always send birthday cards, and I love on the homepage [in Eddy] how it lists out the birthdays and anniversaries and new employees…I just track that and send those out every month.”

The Challenge

Having seven locations across four states means that Lynda has a lot on her plate, and she can’t be everywhere at once. She needed an HR software solution that would allow her to stay on top of what was going on in every office. The company’s previous program was difficult to use, so one of her priorities was finding a more user-friendly software.

About Bean Family Enterprises

Bean Family Enterprises is a durable medical equipment company with two sub companies. Wilbea Medical Equipment provides medical equipment for hospital patients, and Main Street Medical Supply is a retail store located in central Texas. With about 60 employees in four different states, it’s important that Bean Family Enterprises has a way to keep track of what’s going on in each location.


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