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Improve efficiency with digital time tracking and PTO management

Discover a better way to track employee hours and manage time off.

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Streamline your PTO processes.

With automated paid time off scheduling, PTO requests and approvals happen seamlessly. Detailed forms let you track PTO balances across the company, and each team member can easily view their balance in their employee profile.

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Track time easily and accurately.

The first step to getting your hourly workers paid is tracking their time. With Eddy, it’s easy—they just open up the mobile app (or desktop version), tap “clock in” or “clock out,” and get to work. No more spreadsheets, paper forms, or manual calculations.

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Coordinate workflows with a company-wide time off calendar.

A company-wide time off calendar shows who’s on vacation, who’s out sick, and who has a birthday or work anniversary coming up. Coworkers can stay connected, plan around each others’ schedules, and congratulate each other on important milestones.

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Make your time tracking more efficient with adjustable timesheets.

Everybody makes mistakes—but correcting them doesn’t have to be tedious. With adjustable timesheets, employees or admins can quickly correct time tracking errors and get a detailed overview of employee hours for each pay period.

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Understand your time and attendance data.

Reports help you learn what’s happening with employee time off. See how hours accrue, view each employee’s PTO balance, and track patterns over time.

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Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

I have the ability to give people access to be able to fix their own punches and things like that. So it's nice because I have more time to do my job, rather than focusing on all the problems that people are having.

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Having one software to have people clock in and/or out, request time off, recruit and sort through resumes… everything thus far has been super handy and making my job a whole lot easier!

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Anytime that [employees] need to clock out, request time off, gather their pay stubs, whatever they need to do, it’s a much easier process for them.

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