“Eddy creates a good ecosystem for your business.”

A case study with Jared Porter, Co-Founder at 401GO

Jared Porter
“If you're wanting to grow...Eddy is amazing. And you have to have these things if you're trying to move to the next level.”

Jared Porter

Co-Founder, 401GO

The Results

Jared was able to save time and create a stronger HR foundation for their growing business.

A Stronger Foundation for Growth

Jared’s advice for business owners is this: “If you're wanting to grow and you're wanting to have those things that help your business grow, as far as with hiring and HR … you have to have these things if you're trying to move to the next level.”
For 401GO, Eddy was the best option out there to help take things to the next level. “We like to have this offering of what is within Eddy. The hiring portal is incredibly important. The HR level of access and simplicity is important. You know, it's kind of paramount for businesses that are starting to grow and take the next step.”

6 hours a week saved

Eddy saves Jared hours a week on hiring alone. “I would say, you know, it's at least six hours a week that I would be saving [on hiring] based on how much time I would have to spend [previously].”
With so much time freed up, Jared can direct his attention to other high-priority aspects of his role.
One of Jared’s favorite Eddy features is the customizable, drag-and-drop hiring pipeline, which makes it a breeze to keep candidate information organized throughout the hiring process. He says, “What Eddy has is great with the hiring aspect. If I need to hire someone, I can put all the information in there, have it segmented out, and track the progress of candidates. I can see what jobs are active, what candidates are listed, where they’re at in the process, whether we’re going to hire them or not.” Overall, he concludes, “It’s a very clean flow.”
“The onboarding feature is simple for employees … As employees are going through it, I can add templates for packets that need to be on there, which I think is very helpful.”

All-in-one & Easy to use

Jared describes the switch to Eddy as “really easy” and “seamless.” And now, 401GO has access to “the hiring and HR elements [that weren’t] really an option with the prior payroll provider.” He continues, “With Eddy, there’s a simplicity to it. There’s the ability to keep everything consolidated in one place, for hiring, for training, and really just create a good ecosystem for your business.”
Working at a company that’s all about 401(k) plans, Jared is naturally benefit-oriented, and he appreciates the way that benefits work in Eddy: “I like how … when you hire an employee, you can simply add them to the benefit package.” Time tracking and PTO go smoothly with Eddy too. “The [time off] calendar is clear. Everyone can see what’s on there, who’s there, who’s requested [time off] and what’s been approved, and where their PTO is.” With payroll, time tracking, and PTO management in place, Jared has a lot less on his plate.
Jared noticed on other platforms, “There's usually a lot of different steps on dashboards that make them a little more cumbersome and harder to navigate.” On the other hand, Eddy’s interface is clutter-free and intuitive. “I like how it's a very clean menu bar that you can look through. There's not a lot of extra stuff that you usually see. I like how easy it is to navigate.”

The Challenge

401GO wasn’t facing any major disasters when it came to payroll, hiring, and HR. But their current solution just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Jared knew that as the company continued to expand, they’d need an all-in-one platform to take care of their people processes.
“As you get to a certain point where you’re looking to hire a lot more frequently and have different trainings and HR elements tied to your business, that’s when you start looking … That’s when we were looking at some sort of connection so we could add those things to the payroll part of our company.”
“We need to have better options, and I think that Eddy offers that, having the ability to keep everything in one place.”

About 401GO

401GO is a Utah-based company that makes it more affordable for small businesses to offer retirement benefits. With a focus on time-saving automation, 401GO gives employers an easier way to get employee 401(k) accounts up and running.
Co-founder Jared Porter handles operations, compliance, and client success. With 401GO growing rapidly, Jared recently decided the time was right to move from a payroll-only provider to an all-in-one payroll, hiring, and HR solution: Eddy.


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