“If you have happy employees, you have productive employees.”

A case study with Blake Beard, Head of HR at Xima

Blake Beard
“Eddy is just overall just a better experience for our employees, which if you have happy employees, you have productive employees.”

Blake Beard

Head of HR, Xima

The Results

Eddy helped Blake save time and create an HR platform that employees actually use. All in an integrated system where payroll can be run in minutes no hours.

More job candidates; easier onboarding

Blake’s previous hiring software was outdated and hard to use. With Eddy they not only have new simple and modern software, but they also see that they are getting more candidates applying, and also higher quality candidates. The application process is faster and easier for candidates, and helps strengthen the brand image Xima is working to foster with job applicants.
Blake also loves how simple onboarding is in Eddy. Instead of having to schedule time out of his day to show employees “every little aspect” of their new hire paperwork, he simply introduces them to Eddy. From there, they’re all set! Employees have more autonomy, and Blake has one less task on his plate.

Simple to use with no training required

Eddy’s ease-of use and simplicity is a huge plus for Blake and the other employees at Xima. “Anytime that [employees] need to clock out, request time off, gather their pay stubs, whatever they need to do, it’s a much easier process for them.” It doesn’t take hours of study to learn to use Eddy, just a few minutes.
Because Eddy is so easy for employees to use, Blake doesn’t have to spend as much time fixing their problems. This gives him time to focus on big-picture issues. He uses Eddy every day to find information, and estimates that Eddy saves him at least two hours a week. “Eddy gives me [and our company] more time to focus on things that are most pressing.”
Blake explains that “Eddy is nice because I have more time to do my job. It gave me back time. I mean, I know it sounds kinda like dramatic, but you know, other programs I've used in the past were good. But it's just that Eddy is so much easier for employees to use.”


Blake’s big question was, “Why pay for multiple different programs when you can use one and have everything all in the same place?” One of his favorite things about Eddy is that everything he—and Xima’s employees—need is in a central location. PTO requests, company policies, employee information, and more are easy to find and access.
Blake explains: “Anytime that employees need to clock out, request time off, gather their pay stubs, whatever they need to do, it is a much easier process for them in Eddy. That is one of the big reasons that we love Eddy and that we use it: Eddy is just overall just a better experience for our employees. If you have happy employees, you have productive employees.”
“It is so easy for me to see, when someone says, ‘Hey, how much time do I have left to use?’ Boom. It’s just right there. It’s really simple.”

“Payroll is now a breeze!”

Blake wanted a payroll solutions that gave him the right combination of control and simplicity. Previously they had been using a 3rd party service to manage their payroll, and while that system worked well enough, at times he was frustrated by having to wait for an urgent change.
He says, “We now have control in our hands to run our own payroll. The fabulous thing about it, is that it's easy and intuitive. At first, the thought of it was intimidating, but once I got in there and saw how easy it really was to use, all of that stress melted away.”
In addition to the added control Blake also appreciates how fast it is now to run payroll. “Running payroll now takes me 5 minutes in most cases, and I can go about my day with confidence knowing that payroll will run successfully and easily. Payroll is now a breeze!”

The Challenge

Xima has been through several different HR & payroll software platforms in the past. It’s one thing to have to log in to multiple tools as an HR professional—it’s all part of the job, right? But when employees also have multiple logins, that creates a time-consuming pain point for everyone. Forgotten passwords, new systems to learn, it all adds up. In addition, having multiple systems can be more expensive than a single platform. Xima was looking for an HR & payroll platform that could do it all, be easy to work with, and friendly for their budget.
Blake says that “the original software that we were using was facing end-of-life with the company that we've been working with. On top of that, it wasn't super user friendly. So that was one of the biggest things for us. Eddy had the interface that our employees could interact with easily. And overall it was just a much smoother experience for our employees.”

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