“Eddy is paying for itself”

A case study with Bill McClain, President at Networking Solutions

Bill McClain
“The cost savings [with Eddy] was almost immediate. Eddy is paying for itself.”

Bill McClain

President, Networking Solutions

The Results

With the help of Eddy, Bill has streamlined his business processes. Better payroll, better employee documentation, and more accurate time and attendance brought peace of mind and significant time savings.

Peace of Mind

Bill and team used to run payroll in house. But keeping up with taxation changes, as well as filing their own federal and local taxes, proved to be tedious and complicated. Moving to Eddy has given Bill peace of mind—he knows that Eddy is on top of calculating and filing taxes, and he also has appreciated the expertise of Eddy’s payroll team. “If my people had trouble, the support would be there.”
Bill also appreciates that Eddy automatically assigns required tax forms during employee onboarding, and also automatically saves those documents to each employee’s Eddy profile. Bill says that knowing they have E-signatures on documents and also their employee handbooks gives him “peace of mind.”

“Almost immediate” pay back period

One of Networking Solutions most senior people was running their payroll in house. It took 2-3 hours per week to run payroll and make sure they were compliant. Because this person does multiple important jobs within the company, this was just not effective use of their time.
With Eddy, running payroll is much easier—and faster. An office manager who helps with HR has been able to take over the running of payroll each week. The office manager handles all the payroll tasks and is able to run payroll in much less time than before, saving several hours every week for the business founders whose time is precious.
Because of this, Bill says that “It’s been a really good optimization for us. Helped us to streamline things and be more accurate. The cost savings [with Eddy] was almost immediate. Eddy is paying for itself. It’s taken a lot off my plate and let me focus on more important things.”

Smooth Transition

Because of an unsettling experience with a previous HR tool, Bill and team were reluctant to make another switch. But the transition to Eddy could not have been more simple. Bill says that “Eddy did a great job hand holding through the transition. They provided scheduled meetings and gave great support. Total white glove!”
Speaking of the transition Bill commented, “I thought it was gonna be a pain, take a lot of hours, you know, be frustrating. It wasn't at all, it was pretty amazing.”
Would he do it again? “Yes. Not only that, but I’d recommend it to my peers”

The Challenge

Networking Solutions has been around for 27 years, and for most of that time they managed to run everything in house. In the last few years they have grown significantly and tripled their employee headcount. Everything became more time-consuming with that growth: tracking PTO and sick time, managing performance reviews, and running payroll. Prior to Eddy they moved all this to another tool, but became frustrated with mediocre results and a 2x price increase after they had signed up.
They ran payroll in house using one of their most senior people who does multiple jobs within the company. This was just not effective use of his time and took 2-3 hours per week to run payroll and make sure they were compliant.

About Networking Solutions

“Networking Solutions was founded in 2011 due to the lack of high quality business VoIP systems available on the market. We saw an opportunity to provide this service and we have built a highly customer focused business always working to ensure our customers needs are met beyond their expectations.
“We began by setting up data centers to ensure geo-redundancy with all end points multi-registered at different locations, which means that at all times we can guarantee amazing voice quality and unmatched business phone uptime. We then focused on making sure we had a complete all in one package of communication tools to suit every type of business. And to top it off we added in completely personalized setup and around the clock support to every business VoIP customer we have.”


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