“Eddy has been one of the best moves that we've done as a small company.”

A case study with Amy Caldwell, Chief People Officer at RevRoad

Amy Caldwell
“The top thing for me is onboarding with just a click of a button, I’m able to send new hires everything they need to be ready to go the day that they start.”

Amy Caldwell

Chief People Officer at RevRoad

The Results

Eddy helped RevRoad find an all-in-one HR + Payroll platform that was a perfect fit, giving them tools to streamline their hiring, onboarding, time tracking, PTO, payroll and more. And all this in a single system that their employees love.

A Streamlined HR and Payroll Process

RevRoad moves quickly—just like the entrepreneurs they work with. Perhaps that is why Eddy’s employee onboarding tools became so essential so quickly for Amy and her team. Eddy’s New Hire Packet templates allow her to send documents “at the click of a button” and easily keep track of which ones have been signed. She explains, “Being able to continue to send documents, signatures, notifications … the whole entire new hire packet process is the key for me as I onboard people.”
RevRoad’s employees were happy to ditch the “Google Drive collection” of different HR and payroll tools in exchange for one centralized platform. “The thing that was really intriguing to us was that everything was in one place. We could have all of our documents and add documents as we needed.” Now, when Amy needs to find information, she knows right where to go. With Eddy she finds what she needs, whether it’s a form someone needs to fill out, a performance review, or an address change.
Before Eddy, RevRoad was using a variety of different solutions—all of it as she says, “duct taped and zip tied together.” She says the contrast now is remarkable. “It's a nice place to house everything—Eddy is like the grownup version of what we need in order to be super organized.”
We asked Amy what the employee reaction was when they switched to Eddy. She says “The team has loved it.” Employees told her, “Thank you!” and “Finally!”. Amy explains that employees are excited because “we now have a good platform to use and a process in place that's uncomplicated and easy.” Employees appreciate that they can see their PTO balance, update their profile photo, mailing address change, etc. Amy says, “I think Eddy has been one of the best moves that we've done as a small company.” She feels confident now that with Eddy they have “a good system in place as we grow.”
Eddy also helps new hires settle in more quickly. “I've had probably five different people I've onboarded in the last month, and I heard over and over again how smooth and how slick that process was for them.” She appreciates the confidence Eddy gives her that each new hire “has got everything in one place and is all uploaded in time—and it wasn't complicated. To have everything in one place is super easy. It's streamlined and smooth—I wouldn't trade it regardless of the size of business. The more we grow, the more important it is to have something in place that can grow with the company as well.”

A Huge Time Saver

So with all these new tools and processes in place, how much time can be saved? For a company like RevRoad, with fast growth and few processes in place, the savings can be pretty high. Amy says “Oh gosh, Eddy saves me a lot of time because I don't have to go over to other platforms to find either a form that someone needs to fill out in order to get paid or a separate form for a performance review or an address change and a spreadsheet with a phone number. It's just a one click. So it probably saves me 40% of my time just having one place to go to.”

A Great Support System

Amy loves having HR and payroll together in one platform. Another of her favorite things about Eddy is being able to work with a support team who responds in what Amy calls “record time.” When Amy has questions, she says “The Eddy team is on it, and they get it taken care of. It’s just a great support system.”
Amy knows that any time you move to a new tool or system there are new things to get used to. She says that with Eddy, “There's a little bit of a learning curve, but it's super easy. It's not hard to navigate. The help center is really user friendly. There's a lot of things built into there that I would be either emailing or Googling to find online, but it's already there in Eddy. So the transition has been extremely easy.”

The Challenge

Before Eddy, RevRoad was using a variety of different solutions—Amy compares it to “a Google Drive collection of different platforms and companies” that all fed into their 3rd party payroll provider. Her predecessor had to deal with multiple spreadsheets, folders, tools—all of it as she says, “duct taped and zip tied together.”
With so many solutions, payroll and HR weren’t streamlined or smooth. RevRoad needed a new solution, one where all their information could be stored in one place.

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RevRoad is a business venture service group based out of Provo, Utah. They help companies grow by providing various business services: helping with building code, raising capital, legal help, sales, and marketing. They offer this over a 24-month period in exchange for equity.


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