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Track anything with an expiration or renewal date. Get notified before anything expires

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Control What You Track

Whether you need to track medical licenses, workplace safety certifications, diversity training, or anything else, we put you in control. Customize your trainings, create descriptions, and add employees. You can even control whether a certification or training is required or optional for any employee.


Automated Expiration Notifications

Knowing who has completed a training or qualified for a certification is only half the job. If you don’t know when it expires, you won’t know when it needs to be renewed. We built expiration notifications directly into our software. You’ll be notified of upcoming expiration dates a month in advance, completely automating the expiration checking process.

Attach the Proof

In many cases, completing training isn’t enough; you need to see the proof. Eddy allows you to attach documents or images to an employee’s training completion, ensuring that you’ll always have access to it. Knowing that all your documents are securely stored in a single location brings peace of mind, especially during audit season.


Simple Reporting

When you have a lot of employees and a lot of trainings, certifications, and licenses to track, things can get messy! Luckily, Eddy has built-in reports that are easy to access and provide the data you’re looking for. With just a few clicks, you’ll know who’s completed what, who’s certification is expiring in the next 30 days, and who’s overdue for a renewal.

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I appreciate the availability of the technical staff and training. Eddy is always improving the product to better meet our needs. I am very happy with the program.

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Eddy Pros:

• Having our employee documents digitally stored and easy to access.

• I love the ability to email a form for review and signature to our employees.

• Tracking hours for Payroll

• New employee onboarding is much easier

• Advertising for new employees is coordinated with Job search sites

• Training tracking and much more

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Everyone’s FERPA-certified because we’re ed tech, so I track those training certifications in Eddy.

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