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Helping HR Become Deliberate Leaders in Healthy Organizations w/ Joe Nabrotzky

In this episode 11, we talk with Joe Nabrotzky about the three things that all world-class HR teams focus on.
Episode 11
Whether you’re a small business or a global organization, all HR teams should focus on three core things:
  1. People
  2. Organizational health
  3. Leadership
But for one reason or another, that doesn’t always happen. We sat down with Joe Nabrotzky, Managing Director at Global Leader Group, to pull back the curtain on how world-class HR teams operate—and what they do differently that sets them apart. We also talked about:
  • What caused him to pivot from a role in leadership to a career in HR
  • How to help the “accidental HR person” go from tactical to strategic
  • What companies can do to help employees return back to the office with engagement and energy while also reducing stress and burn out
  • The concepts of mind management and emotional intelligence—and why they matter
Joe Nabrotzky
Joe Nabrotzky
Joe is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Global Leader Group, a leadership firm that helps organizations FIND & BUILD leaders. His purpose is to help people to lead their teams, organization, family, and even themselves more deliberately. After struggling and then growing a profitable business of his own, he dedicated the rest of his career to becoming the Leadership Guide/HR Business Partner he wished he had as a former CEO and desperately needed as an entrepreneur, manager, and dad. Through an MBA and multiple HR/OD/Leadership certifications, combined with a decade as an HR Executive in a successful fortune 100 company, he’s proven how to build leaders internally or find and hire them externally. Mr. Nabrotzky has led people in every major region and lived all over the world, including a few years speaking only Portuguese in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and recently returned to Utah with his wife of 18 years and four children, after five years living off lake Geneva in Switzerland. The success of your organization starts with having the right people to lead it; contact Joe to help you FIND & BUILD those leaders by offering:
  1. Talent Search (External Recruiting with Focus on Functional Leadership Positions from Sr. Manager to the C-suite)
  2. Leadership Coaching & World-class Learning Design & Experiences
  3. Consulting on Strategic HR, Sales Lifecycle Management, Customer Experience and Business Transformation (Alignment, Execution and Scale)
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