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Onboarding New Hires Effectively w/ David Blake

In episode 14 we talk with David Blake about how small business HR teams can get onboarding right.
Episode 14
From the first interview to their first day of work, a new employee’s initial impression of your company makes or breaks their experience—and ultimately, whether they want to stay. We sat down with David Blake, Human Resources Manager at K2 Electric, to learn how small business HR teams can onboard new hires more effectively to deliver a better employee experience that supports engagement and retention. David shared with us his 4-step framework for effective onboarding: Step 1: Setting new hires up for success. Step 2: Making a great first impression. Step 3: Establishing and communicating a training plan. Step 4: Giving feedback. We also talked about:
  • How onboarding sets the tone for new hires
  • Why prioritizing onboarding—even when you’re on a small HR team—is critical for business success
  • How onboarding makes a direct impact on productivity and retention
  • How to work together with your hiring manager to ensure a seamless onboarding experience
David Blake
David Blake
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