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Facilitating Successful DEI Training for Your Employees w/ Natasha K. A. Wiebusch

In episode 36, we talk with Natasha K. A. Wiebusch to learn about the best practices for facilitating successful DEI training for employees.
Episode 36
In this episode, we sat down with Natasha K. A. Wiebusch, Legal & HR Writer and Attorney-in-recovery, to learn about how to facilitate successful DEI training for employees. During our discussion, we talked about:
  • What DEI training is and why it’s important
  • Why we keep seeing articles that say "DEI training doesn't work”
  • Where DEI training fits into a people strategy
  • Her experience implementing a successful DEI training program
  • What made her DEI training program for employees more successful than previous attempts
  • Her key learnings and takeaways from that experience
Also, as Natasha mentioned in the episode, here’s the research on why DEI matters:
Natasha K.A. Wiebusch
Natasha K.A. Wiebusch
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