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Improving Employee Retention Through Self-Awareness w/ Steven Farber

In episode 44, we sat down with Steven Farber to talk about the DISC personality assessment and the direct correlation between empowered self-awareness and retention in your small business.
Episode 44
In this episode, we sat down with Steven Farber, CEO and Retention Sherpa at Hero Culture, to talk about the DISC personality test and the profound impact self-awareness has on employee engagement and retention. During our discussion, we talked about:
  • The power of personality and the role self-awareness plays in employee retention
  • What makes the DISC personality test unique and why it is effective for any business
  • The benefits of conducting a personality assessment program for both employers and employees
  • How to implement a DISC assessment with real results
  • Why businesses fail to see lasting results with personality testing initiatives
Steven Farber
Steven Farber
I spent much of my working life in a whirlwind of uncertainty wondering when I would find a career that would make me happy. After spending 23 years trying to find that 'dream career' I came to a sobering conclusion. I realized that I wasn't looking for a career, but for a purpose and that I would never be happy until I figured out what that purpose was. After a long hard road of trial and error, I concluded that my purpose, the very activity that brought me happiness was when I could bring that happiness to others first. Removing the vast amounts of uncertainty this life can bring for others and replacing it with true peace of mind, gave me my much sought-after peace of mind.
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