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Creating and Keeping High Performing Teams w/ Molly McGrath

In episode 49, we talk with Molly McGrath about a few ways to motivate superstar team members to stay with a company.
Episode 49
In our extremely competitive market, recruiters are actively trying to draw away dissatisfied employees – and it’s working! In this episode, we met with Molly McGrath, founder of Hiring & Empowering Solutions, LLC, to learn how companies can hold on to skilled employees. She told us that you can only keep your best people if you give them a good reason to stay and put in the time necessary to help them grow. During our discussion, we talked about:
  • Cultivating a “leaders leading leaders” mindset
  • Providing employees with opportunities to give feedback and improve processes
  • Reworking the company framework to focus on human beings first
  • The importance of pouring time into manager-employee relationships
  • How to replace performance reviews with quarterly employee growth plans
  • Why raises and bonuses are important factors in employee retention
Molly McGrath
Molly McGrath
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