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Creating a Top-Notch Virtual Candidate Experience w/ Ryan Drawdy

In episode 33, we talked with Ryan Drawdy about how Sweet Fish evolved its candidate experience to master the art of virtual hiring.
Episode 33
In this episode, we sat down with Ryan Drawdy, Director of Culture & People Ops at Sweet Fish Media, to talk about how companies can evolve their candidate experience to better hire new employees in a remote world of work. During our discussion, we talked about:
  • What the landscape looks like for remote working—and in turn, virtual hiring
  • The main differences (for candidates and recruiters) between an in-person hiring experience and a virtual hiring experience.
  • How Sweet Fish Media ensures a strong candidate experience while hiring virtually (and the four steps you should take, too)
Bonus: Here’s the Typeform application Ryan mentioned.
Ryan Drawdy
Ryan Drawdy
Ryan has helped craft remote cultures for 7+ years. Some things he obsesses over at work: - Hyper-intentional company culture (Remote cultures don't create themselves) - Psychological safety (The #1 culture metric in his book) - Fun - Loving People Well - DEI (Humbled to be a voracious Diversity learner, NOT expert) (He also wrote The Remote Worker Playbook, which you can read here:
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