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Fostering Human Connectivity Within Organizations w/ Christine Wzorek

In episode 23, we talked with Christine Wzorek to hear about the value of human connectivity, what it means and why it matters to companies.
Episode 23
The pandemic accelerated the capabilities organizations had (for years) to go remote. It also accelerated trust—the trust companies put in their employees to work from home, maintain the same levels of productivity, and still be engaged. And while decentralized teams are strengthening, in the future of work, companies will need to be intentional about fostering human connectivity in order to support innovation and creativity. We sat down with Christine Wzorek, Founder and CEO at White Label Advisors, to hear about the value of human connectivity, what it means and why it matters to companies, and how—when an organization gets human connectivity right—it supports its ability to achieve business goals and financial outcomes. In this episode, we also talked about:
  • How optimal human connectivity in an organization impacts financial outcomes and enhances the probability of achieving business goals.
  • Why the inflection point of human connectivity in organizations resides within the manager to employee relationship.
  • What human connectivity looks like in the future of work.
  • Where a business owner or HR leader can get started if they want to improve human connectivity in their own organization.
Christine Wzorek
Christine Wzorek
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