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Community: A One-Person HR Team’s Secret Weapon w/ Stephen Fortuna

In episode 65, we talk with Stephen Fortuna about what happens when one-person HR departments at small businesses are under-supported.
Episode 65
Some people dream about a career in HR, only to find themselves overwhelmed and without support. Others get tossed into an HR role with no experience and little training. For a one-person HR department at a small business, the task of running human resources can be extremely daunting. Thankfully, there are resources out there that can help—including HR communities. On this week’s episode of the HR Mavericks podcast, Stephen Fortuna, Community Organizer at HR Mavericks, shares how communities can benefit everyone from seasoned HR pros to people who don’t even know where to start with HR. Stephen and I discussed:
  • The different backgrounds and experiences that people bring to HR roles
  • Four kinds of HR communities—and which is the most helpful
  • Tips for getting involved in an HR community
  • Why it’s so important for HR communities to have a defined purpose
  • What it means to democratize HR
  • The vision behind the HR Mavericks community
  • How to join and participate in the HR Mavericks community
Stephen Fortuna
Stephen Fortuna
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