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Creating a Culture Centered on Purpose w/ Leeatt Rothschild

In episode 32, we talked with Leeatt Rothschild about how to inject purpose into an already existing business—especially when purpose was not inherently part of why the business was started.
Episode 32
In this episode, we sat down with Leeatt Rothschild, Founder & CEO at Packed with Purpose, to talk about creating a workplace culture that’s purpose- and people-driven. During our discussion, we talked about:
  • How Packed with Purpose builds culture and nurtures employee development, wellness, and engagement
  • How investing in corporate wellness pays off for both employees and companies
  • Why integrating a company’s purpose into everyday employee experience is so essential to its success
  • The successes and challenges Packed with Purpose has experienced on its own journey
Leeatt Rothschild
Leeatt Rothschild
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