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Discussing Mental Health and Mental Illness at Work w/ Melissa Doman, MA

In episode 20, we talked with Melissa Doman about her approach to effectively discuss mental health at work and make an impact on company culture.
Episode 20
With everything that transpired in 2020, the discussion of mental health at work became an increasingly important component of a healthy, enduring small business. How can you make an impact and create an open culture surrounding mental health at your workplace? Organizational Psychologist and Author Melissa Doman noticed a major theme of work-related mental health issues in her experience as a former clinical mental health therapist. Blending her clinical background with her organizational field experience, she addressed the issue at its core - hosting talks and workshop sessions in actual workplaces. Now, she’s compiled all of her learnings from the field into a guide on discussing mental health at work with her new book, Yes, You Can Talk About Mental Health at Work: Here’s Why (and How to Do it Really Well) and shared her insights on the podcast. What we discussed:
  • How Melissa’s clinical background led her to specialize in mental health at work in an organizational setting
  • How Yes, You Can Talk About Mental Health at Work: Here’s Why (and How to Do it Really Well) came to be and the writing process
  • Why we need to talk more about mental health and mental illness at work
  • How HR professionals in small and medium-sized businesses can best approach the mental health at work discussion
  • Why certain mental health at work trends are counterproductive and potentially destructive
  • How small businesses can avoid the pitfall of counterproductive mental health at work initiatives
  • Examples of how businesses have been coached or helped through the process
Melissa Doman, MA
Melissa Doman, MA
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