Why Every HR Professional Should Use HR Software

Each one of us dreams of maximizing our potential and reaching peak performance. It doesn’t matter what profession we’re in, we’d all like to be the best we can be. In order to do this, we use tools to enhance our abilities. Companies like Eddy make software tools for HR professionals to help them achieve more. We believe that every HR professional should use HR software.
Why Every HR Professional Should Use HR Software
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Every profession has a set of tools that enhance performance. Doctors have stethoscopes, thermometers, and X-ray machines to make better assessments and prescribe better medication. Pilots have gauges to help them know how high they’re flying, how fast they’re going, how much fuel they have, and what the weather patterns are. Sales managers use CRMs to track leads, progress deals, and close new customers. Everywhere you look, in just about any profession you can think of, there are tools that allow someone to not only do their job but do it extremely well.

For too long, HR managers, office administrators, small business owners, and others who are responsible for the people, documents, information, and data of the company have been underserved. Many use tools, but unfortunately, they often use the wrong ones.

We’ve talked to countless HR professionals who use spreadsheets to track everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a list of employees’ birthdays or highly confidential information like social security numbers, they have it stored in a spreadsheet. This is not only inefficient and difficult to organize, but can also pose a serious security risk.

Other HR managers have confessed that they try to hire new employees from their email inbox. The hundreds of applications, resumes, and back and forth conversation to get interviews scheduled is totally overwhelming, but yet they continue on because it’s the only tool they have. 

Enough is enough.

It’s never been more important for businesses to arm themselves with software tools specifically designed for HR teams. The organizations using HR software have incredible advantages over those that aren’t, and these advantages play out in nearly every aspect of the employee experience.

Don’t let your company get left behind. Here are eight amazing things you can do with the help of good HR software:

1. Make hiring a competitive advantage

The job market is as competitive as it’s ever been. With millions of employees being laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are opportunities to add amazing people to your staff. Of course, the best people will be scooped up first, which means you need to create a hiring process that is quick, efficient, communicative, and organized. You can’t afford to drop the ball or miss an email.

Luckily, applicant tracking systems (ATS) exist to help you manage your entire hiring process and pipeline. A good ATS will not only allow you to post a job and distribute it to the world’s most active job boards, but it will also help you organize your candidate pools, communicate with candidates, collaborate with your team on hiring decisions, and ultimately hire an outstanding candidate.

Are you looking for an applicant tracking system to take your hiring process to the next level? Try Eddy’s.

2. Create memorable onboarding experiences

Did you know that over 20% of employee turnover takes place during the first 45 days of employment? If employees don’t have a great initial experience with your company, they won’t want to stick around for very long. Many people think of onboarding as simply signing a bunch of paperwork, and it’s true, there typically is a lot of paperwork. However, the onboarding experience also includes getting to know co-workers, being trained for the job, taking a tour of the office, having the proper equipment prepared to do the job, and so much more.

With the help of specifically designed HR software, you’ll be able to create consistent, replicable experiences for each of your new hires. Using templates, you’ll quickly be able to assign tasks, both to the new hire and to members of your internal team. You’ll also be able to get all paperwork signed electronically before the new hire’s first day, so you have more time to focus on important introductions, interactions, and training.

"With the help of specifically designed HR software, you’ll be able to create consistent, replicable experiences for each of your new hires."

3. Time tracking without the chaos

Many businesses have employees keep track of their time worked on a spreadsheet, in a Google Doc, or even on paper. We’ve heard of companies that simply have employees email their hours to an HR admin every week so that they can input the numbers before running payroll. These solutions are not only unreliable, but they do little to prevent employees reporting extra hours. This can cost the business thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars each year.

Luckily, there are some terrific solutions your company can use to track time in a better way. Time tracking software will automatically keep track of all the time punches made by an employee and return a detailed report at the end of each pay period. Many time tracking software products will allow you to use geo-location or IP address filters to ensure that your employees can only clock in while in the office or at another designated location. Unique employee portals with password-protected information can protect against buddy-punching or other nefarious activity. Ultimately, you’ll have a much more accurate set of hours and you’ll save yourself the time and headache of manually uploading the data to your payroll system.

4. Employee directories to get to know your people

Have you ever passed by someone in the office and not recognized them? Have you ever wanted to get a hold of someone in a specific department, but you didn’t know their name or job title, and you didn’t have any way to contact them? Any problems with employee recognition, communication, or information can be solved with a great employee directory.

A directory gives you the name, job title, and department of everyone who works at the company. It’s searchable so you don’t need to scroll endlessly until you find the person you’re looking for. An employee directory also contains images so you can put faces with names. And as a bonus, the employee directory will give employee access to each other’s work emails or phone numbers so that they can quickly get in touch with one another.

5. Document storage that’s secure and central

They say that the only two guarantees in life are death and taxes, but we think it might be appropriate to add paperwork to that list. Businesses have no shortage of documents that either need to be stored, signed, or reviewed. Filing cabinets were the solution in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, but the 21st century has thankfully moved most document storage to the cloud. 

Why is this important? Well for one, it’s much more secure. If you’re storing documents in a filing cabinet then you risk them being stolen, lost, or damaged. If there’s a fire or flood in your office building, you can kiss those documents goodbye. The risk of only keeping a single paper copy is one that many businesses are looking to eliminate.

"If you’re storing documents in a filing cabinet then you risk them being stolen, lost, or damaged."

Storing documents with HR software eliminates many of these risks. When an employee signs a document, they can do so electronically and that document can automatically be placed in a secure location where both you and the employee have access to it. Company documents can also be accessed without rummaging through filing cabinets or trying to remember where you last put it. HR software products will also allow you to easily send out any of your documents for employee signatures at any time. When you update the employee handbook, you no longer have to distribute physical copies to each employee. Simply use your HR software to email it out, collect signatures, and store those signed copies in secure locations for each employee.

6. Eliminate the stress of running payroll

We once spoke with an HR manager who was spending 10-15 hours every week just making calculations for payroll. Her goal was to get 99% accuracy every week. When we heard this, we were shocked! How could someone spend so much time doing something that software does so easily? How could 99% accuracy be the goal, when software will help you hit 100% every time? The reality is, this HR manager was simply not equipped with the right tools to do her job. She was doing the very best she could given the circumstances, but getting the right software in place would have immediately solved her problems.

Great HR software will typically have a payroll component that takes all the inputs to an employee’s pay calculation (includes their W-4 information, their salary, taxes, and other deductions) and outputs the correct dollar amount that is then transferred to the employee’s bank account. Things like taxes, payroll deductions, and benefit costs are automatically deducted. All state and federal taxes are properly applied, and at the end of the year, all employees will be sent a W-2 form to help them complete their individual tax filings. This is the power of great payroll software.

Is payroll giving you headaches? Eddy takes all the hassle out of payroll and offers an affordable, full-service experience.

7. PTO tracking on autopilot

One of the more complicated things to track for a business, especially without the proper software in place, is paid time off. The thing about PTO is most companies have their own unique way of doing it. Some companies give employees “unlimited PTO” while other companies are very strict about how and when employees accrue time off. Regardless of your company’s situation, you’ll need software to not only track how PTO is allotted to employees, but you’ll also need software to track how often employees are taking time off.

When equipped with the right HR software, you’ll be able to customize a plan for your company. You’ll have total control over the inputs and information that goes into your PTO policy, and once you set it, you can basically forget it. After a policy is created, you simply need to add employees to that policy and then the rules for the policy will automatically begin to be applied. If you’ve created a PTO policy that says employees can gain two hours of time off for every 40 hours worked, then that’s exactly what will happen. Every hour will automatically be tracked, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

HR software will also make it super easy for employees to request time off. An employee will be able to login, select the dates they plan on taking off, and then specify a reason for their leave. They’ll submit that request to their direct manager or an HR administrator who will then be notified that a request has been made. A simple click to approve or deny the request will then notify the employee about whether they can go or not. When time off is granted, the hours taken will automatically be subtracted from the employee’s balance, so once again, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

8. Never lose track of expiration dates for trainings or certifications

Many jobs require employees to go through specific training, earn certifications, or get licensed. These may be simple enough to track for one or two people, but once your company grows and you’ve got dozens or even hundreds of expirations to track, it can be extremely overwhelming.

Fortunately, with the right tools in place, you won’t have to worry about any of this. Great HR software products will do the work for you. They can remind you when a training needs to be renewed or when a certification is about to expire. They can notify employees of licenses they need to have in order to work. And perhaps most importantly, they can store all the documents, certificates, badges, and paperwork that accompanies these certifications so that you never lose track of the proof of completion.


HR is a challenging job. There are so many things to do, so much information to keep track of, and so many details to manage that it can be absolutely overwhelming without the right tools. Just as a pilot wouldn’t fly a plane without the gauges in the aircraft, you shouldn’t feel like you have to manage all of this responsibility without reliable HR software. And remember, when we talk about HR software, we’re not talking about spreadsheets or email inboxes. You need something like Eddy that will do the work for you. Great HR software is designed to make your life easier, better, happier, and simpler. If you don’t have it yet, it’s time you upgrade. Make the switch and you’ll see major changes in your productivity, job satisfaction, and performance.

Now that you’ve read about what great HR software looks like, you should see it in action! Watch a demo of Eddy to learn about the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

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