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When onboarding new employees, you want to have a simple and efficient process. It’s overwhelming for both HR professionals and new employees to have a mountain of documents that have to be signed.

Electronic signature software allows employees to digitally sign documents in a secure and timely manner. Continue reading to learn what electronic signature software is, the benefits of using electronic signature software, what to look for when choosing a software provider and the top electronic signature software providers.

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What Is Electronic Signature Software?

Electronic signature software allows users to sign documents digitally from any location. Since it often deals with confidential information, electronic signature software is designed with security and privacy in mind.

The Benefits of Using an Electronic Signature Software for HR

Electronic signature software allows you to sign and process documents from anywhere, anytime. Using an electronic signature software can benefit your organization by:

  • Expediting the onboarding process. Electronic signing software allows employees to sign offer letters and important HR documents remotely prior to their first day in the office.
  • Tracking document status. See who has received, opened, signed, and approved documents in real-time.
  • Eliminating paper usage. By allowing employees to sign documents digitally, you eliminate the need for physical paper copies.
  • Ensuring signatures and documents are secure. Electronic signature software is equipped with secure data encryption and complies with laws and regulations around digital signatures.

What Great Electronic Signature Software Looks Like

There are a few key features to look for when analyzing different electronic signature software options. A strong electronic signature software will have the following features.


A strong electronic signature software service will include security measures to ensure that all data is protected. This includes physical security where the system resides, data encryption and security certifications that comply with all laws and regulations.

Some common security features include multifactor authentication, audit trails and SSL document encryption.

Signing Status

Electronic signature software with signing status features allows you to track where documents are in the process. You can see what forms have been signed by the applicable party and follow up with individuals who are behind in their process.

Email Sharing Capabilities

Email sharing capabilities let you send documents to employees via email securely. This is an important feature if you will be working with new hires during onboarding and need to communicate with them.

Legally Compliant

In the United States, the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act, and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) defines the criteria required for an electron signature to be recognized as valid.

It is crucial that your electronic signature software complies with these laws. If it doesn’t, you risk legal backlash should a signature not meet the criteria.

Integration With Other HR Software

While electronic signature software is useful on its own, having it as part of a comprehensive HR software solution will remove any limitations and centralize your onboarding process. Look for HR software solutions that feature e-signature capabilities.

The Top Seven HR Electronic Signature Software of 2021

1. Eddy

Electronic signature software is a core component of Eddy’s paperless onboarding. Create, send, sign and store all of your HR documents 100% digitally to eliminate paper use and expedite the onboarding process.

Eddy’s electronic signature software is part of an all-in-one HR software solution, allowing you to handle all of your required tasks in one platform.

2. DocuSign

DocuSign allows you to complete important documentation faster and more efficiently. Eliminating the manual steps involved, DocuSign helps save money and time while expediting document completion.

With instant status visibility, DocuSign lets you know where you’re at in the process every step of the way.

3. SignRequest

Sign documents securely from any location with SignRequest. Their free option allows you to sign 10 documents per month, while monthly subscriptions give you unlimited documents at a reasonable price.

Security is a priority for SignRequest, and all documents are encrypted. Additionally, you can integrate SignRequest with your website and other relevant software applications.

4. ReadySign

Remove limitations with ReadySign and give your team the power to sign as many documents as necessary from any location. With unlimited usage at one flat rate, you can scale your onboarding process without increasing your budget.

ReadySign’s audit tracking ensures that you have a detailed report of the history for each document.

5. signNow

Sign and approve documents with ease using signNow’s electronic signature software. signNow includes templates for common HR documents and offers personalized branding for your organization.

6. DrySign

Eliminate your paper usage and create an efficient workflow for completing digital documentation with DrySign. Extensive dashboards allow you to view digital signing history and customize your tracking options.

Group sign invites multiple signatories to sign documents online with one click and custom notifications and reminders help you keep employees on top of their documents.

7. Signaturely

Signaturely allows you to centralize your documentation process and eliminate all need for paper in the onboarding process. Automatic reminders ensure that you complete the required paperwork before the deadline.

Signaturely easily integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box so you can incorporate e-signatures into your existing document management process.

How to Pick the Software That’s Right for You

Electronic signature software is a small part of your HR operation. Here are a few steps to take when selecting the right software for your company.

1. Assess Your Organization’s Needs

Understand why you are incorporating electronic signature software into your HR department. By identifying your specific needs, you’ll be able to search for software equipped with features to fulfill those needs.

2. Determine The Most Important Features

Once you know what your organization needs in an electronic signature software, you should determine what features will help you meet those needs. For example, if you’ve struggled with receiving signatures in a timely fashion, real-time tracking capabilities may be at the top of your list.

3. Research Software Providers

Now that you know what features are necessary to fulfill your organization’s needs, it’s time to start looking at different electronic signature software providers. If possible, request a demo or free trial to test out different types of software.

4. Select the Best Electronic Signature Software for Your Company

After assessing your needs, determining important features and researching software providers, you will have to make a decision. When in doubt, ask yourself if a specific electronic signature software provider will be of value to your HR department.

Questions You’ve Asked Us About Electronic Signature Software

How much does electronic signature software cost?
Electronic signature software ranges in price based on the vendor, capabilities and pricing model. There are a variety of pricing models, including: Flat-rate subscription fee, Per document, Per user, One-time
Do I need electronic signature software?
Electronic signature software is vital to efficient HR management in 2021. With an increase in remote employees and teams, electronic signature software expedites the onboarding process and allows employees to sign important documentation wherever they are. Additionally, using electronic signature software will help expedite your onboarding process and create a positive experience for new hires.
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Eddy is the all-in-one HR tool built with you in mind. The robust features and ease of use will benefit your company both inside and outside your HR team.

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