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Table of Contents

Take care of your people and protect your business

Employee directory software removes the burden of manually organizing employee information and creates an accessible database for everyone in your company.

Continue reading to learn what employee directory software is, the benefits of using it, what to look for when selecting your company employee directory software and the best employee directory software available.

What Is Employee Directory Software?

Employee directory software is a tool that stores the name and contact information of all employees in one location. Many employee directory software options will feature customization so you can include more detailed information like location, expertise, a bio, and photos.

An efficient system will make information easily accessible to anyone on your team and promote cross-divisional collaboration.

The Top Nine Employee Directory Software of 2022

While you should conduct independent research to determine the best fit for your company, here are some of the best employee directory software options currently available.

1. Eddy

Customize your employee experience with Eddy’s intuitive employee directory. With a clean user experience, Eddy provides comprehensive employee profiles for all members of your organization.

Easily access contact information, job details, notes, and PTO requests with employee directory software that’s part of Eddy’s comprehensive HR software solution.


  • Eddy’s all-in-one HR software saves time on administrative HR tasks
  • Mobile time clock has geo-location tracking
  • Customizable employee profiles and milestone reminders
  • Onboard and train new hires using the Eddy app


  • Starts at $8 per person, per month
  • Pricing varies based on your company’s needs

Employee directory in list format

See if Eddy can meet your employee directory needs

2. Connecteam

Connect your team and improve communication with advanced employee directory software from Connecteam. With email, text, and live chat capabilities, employees and managers can communicate and collaborate with ease.

Media sharing and social post features create an engaging atmosphere for all members of your organization.


  • Admin dashboard makes it easy to add features to the employee app
  • Employee recognition tools built in
  • Track employee progress and milestones with roadmaps


  • Small Business (up to 10 users): $0
  • Basic: starts at $35 per month 
  • Advanced: starts at $59 per month
  • Expert: starts at $119 per month

Screenshot of Connectteam

3. Pingboard

Personalize your employee directory with Pingboard. Packed with customization options, your employees can provide information like their personality type, desk locations, and other fun facts about themselves.

Adding to the communal aspect, Pingboard allows peers to post public recognition for employees that have completed a job well done.


  • Designed to promote employee engagement
  • Searchable directory helps employees learn more about their coworkers
  • Integrates with tools like Slack and Google Calendar


  • Team: $148.75 per month
  • Company: starts at $311.25 per month

Screenshot of Pingboard

4. Leaveboard

Create and maintain an organization chart through Leaveboard without the pain of spreadsheets. Compile accurate employee records for easy access to important information like work details, time off balance, PTO history and other information.

Custom access levels grant permission to certain information for managers and admins that everyday employees can’t see.


  • Automated leave tracking
  • Employees can send vacation requests through the mobile app
  • Centralize employee data on a searchable database


  • Free (up to 9 employees): $0
  • Pro: $1.35 per person, per month
  • Enterprise: price available upon request

Screenshot of Leaveboard

5. InstaPeople

Find important employee information instantly with InstaPeople, a modern employee directory from InstaCheckin. Create interactive organization charts that can be shared effortlessly between departments.

Role-based access ensures that confidential information isn’t available to the entire company. InstaPeople syncs with existing directories like Office 365 and Google Suite and features blazing-fast search functionality.


  • Employee profiles include information on contact info, skills, interests, and more
  • Pictures allow you to put faces to names
  • Customizable and shareable org charts


  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $59 per month, per location
  • Standard: $119 per month, per location
  • Premium: $149 per month, per location

6. Igloo

Igloo creates an online people directory and allows you to connect with your employees through innovative employee directory software. Using Igloo, you can share organizational updates, comments and notifications directly with employees and create custom profiles for each member of your company.


  • Drag-and-drop widget lets you integrate third-party applications into digital workspace
  • Company blog posts and notifications spread news of organizational updates

Pricing depends on your company’s needs. 

Igloo employee directory graphic

7. HR Cloud

HR Cloud is a cloud-based employee directory software with an innovative design. Customizable employee profiles add personality to the mix. Chat capabilities allow employees to communicate directly through the app.


Pricing available upon request (three plans to choose from).

Screenshot of HRcloud

8. Bitrix24

Integrate an organization chart and custom profiles with free employee directory software from Bitrix24. Despite being a free option, Bitrix24 has a mobile app and allows you to control calendars for employees, departments and the entire company.


  • Flat fee pricing lets you scale up your workforce without increasing costs
  • Workspace also includes tools for website-building and task management
  • Absence management and time tracking features


  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $61 per month
  • Standard: $124 per month
  • Professional: $249 per month
  • Enterprise: starts at $499 per month

Screenshot of Bitrix24

9. StaffBase

StaffBase allows your team to communicate directly, with messaging capabilities. You can create a personal touch to your employee directory with custom profiles and fields. StaffBase integrates with Google, Microsoft and other software providers.


  • Platform is designed to promote employee communications management
  • Lets you create and send emails to employees
  • Create a company intranet

Pricing varies based on which features are selected, and it’s available upon request.

Screenshot of Staffbase

The Benefits of Using an Employee Directory Software

Implementing an employee directory can benefit your organization by:

  • Providing easy access to basic employee information. Anyone in your company can access basic information about all employees, like their job titles, skills, preferences, and more.
  • Ensuring information is updated. Employee directory software will automatically notify you of any outdated information and employees can update their information directly.
  • Increasing employee engagement. By allowing employees to access information independently, they may feel more empowered and open to collaboration between departments.
  • Creating an inclusive onboarding experience. Employee directory software helps new hires familiarize themselves with co-workers and makes it easier to reach out if they desire.

What Great Employee Directory Software Looks Like

What should you look for when considering different employee directory software options? The following features indicate a strong employee directory software for any organization.

Information Is Easily Accessible

Custom search functionality allows employees to conduct advanced searches, such as location, department or job title. Look for a software provider that has some search capability and makes information easily accessible to any employee.

Custom Employee Profiles

Employee directory software with custom employee profiles creates a clean user experience and can help employees feel empowered. Additionally, it hosts all of their information in one place so you don’t have to dig deeper to find what you’re looking for.

Specific Job Details

For managers, in particular, a company employee directory software that includes specific job details can provide insight into their direct reports, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) status and other important information.

Not all employees should have access to this information, but it is a useful feature for managers and HR administrators.

Part of an All-In-One HR Solution

You shouldn’t host all of your employees’ job and contact information separate from other important HR items. Search for an employee directory software that is part of a larger, all-inclusive HR software solution.

How to Pick the Software That’s Right for You

Your employee directory will serve as the primary source for accessing information about your employees. Here are a few steps to take when choosing the right software for your organization.

1. Identify What You’re Looking For

Determine your goals when considering employee directory software. If you only want basic information like name and contact information you don’t need to focus on extensive features.

However, if you want to create a collaborative communal work environment, you’ll want to consider customization capabilities, communication features and other components.

2. Explore Different Providers

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to research different providers. Look for providers that include your desired features and make sure you consider user experience.

As this will serve as the main source of information for all of your employees, it’s crucial that you select a user-friendly option that won’t require extensive training.

3. Select the Best Employee Directory Software for Your Company

After weighing your options, pick the employee directory software that best fits your company’s needs. If possible, request a demo or free trial to test the software and confirm that it works for your organization.

If it doesn’t, trust your judgment and go with the employee directory software that feels right for you.

See if Eddy can meet your employee directory needs

Make Your Job Easier With Employee Directory Software

The best employee directory software will organize each employee’s information in an easily accessible database. Customizable profiles can add a touch of personality to your directory and promote a positive work culture for your company. By incorporating employee directory software into your organization, you will increase the likelihood of cross-department collaboration and make it easy for new employees to onboard comfortably.

Find out how Eddy’s employee directory software works

Take care of your people and protect your business

Track essential employee data, digitize your manual HR processes, and improve your employee experience with Eddy People.

Questions You’ve Asked Us About Employee Directory Software

The price for employee directory software varies depending on the provider, features and pricing model. Some standalone employee directory software providers charge a monthly rate — either a flat fee or per user. Other providers include employee directory capabilities within their HR management software, which can either be included or charged as an add-on.
Employee directory software is necessary to store essential information for all of your employees in a secure, digital setting. While it is not required, employee directory software will help build relationships across your organization and promote collaboration.

Eddy is the all-in-one HR tool built with you in mind. The robust features and ease of use will benefit your company both inside and outside your HR team.

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