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Employee Directory

Don’t go digging through your filing cabinet to find the contact info of that one guy in sales. Go into Eddy, select the sales department, and there it is. In an instant, you’ve got a profile preview and a picture of that guy in sales. You can see his contact info, position, direct reports, manager, and more.

Employee Profiles

The employee directory you just read about is a collection of some of the info from the full employee profiles. Here, managers can see everything from contact info to job details, employee assets, documents, notes, and PTO balances. It’s more visual than spreadsheets and it’s much faster to navigate. (We’re open to challenges!)

Job Details

These people are at your company to do a job for you. This is where you keep track of the specifics of that job. Here a manager or admin can see among other things, the employee’s assets, direct reports, EEO and FLSA status, with limited access to compensation information.


New hires require an average of about 12 documents when they join your company. From I-9s to non-competes, there’s a lot to sign and store. Through Eddy, you can do all of this digitally. That’s right, you can create, sign and store documents without even thinking about a printer or risking a papercut.


As we’ve mentioned, people are complex and every company is different. That’s why we included the most flexible feature in the world—notes. The note feature in Eddy can be used for anything from performance reviews to progress plans. This tool is simple, powerful, and oh so flexible.

Time Off

Accepting or denying PTO requests, figuring out how much PTO an employee has used, and seeing how much they have left should take no more time than it took to write this sentence (roughly 28 seconds). Eddy makes that possible.

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I like the profiles of the employees! It is fantastic to have access to this data and so easy to digest it.


They can go in and clearly see what their PTO that they have remaining is. They can go in and update their profile if they have an address change. If they want a different profile picture, they have access to go do that.


I use [Eddy] for tracking documents, keeping track of people and putting information in. I’m big on documentation, so whenever someone’s having performance issues, I track those things in the admin tab for the employee.

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