“Eddy helps us be way more organized and way more efficient.”

A conversation with Allison Checketts, Assistant Controller at Haynie and Company

Alison Checketts
Eddy saves me SO much time! Projects that we have been talking about for two years are actually happening now.”

Alison Checketts

Assistant Controller at Haynie and Company

The Results

Alison uses Eddy to organize all their people information and manage it much more efficiently. And with close to 500 employees, that’s a big time savings. So big, in fact, that important strategic projects that had been put off for years are finally happening.

Keep track of everything in one place

Eddy’s ability to keep track of employee information all in once place has been very helpful for the team. Allison says with Eddy “it has been really nice to be able to have more tracking, well, way more tracking than we did before.”

One example she gives is the ability to schedule future pay changes for employees, which their previous payroll product could not do. That meant Allison had to manually track pay changes. She explains, “Being able to schedule salary changes has been really nice. Previously, if we knew of stuff in advance, we had to keep track of that and to keep track of when we needed to change that in QuickBooks, because we couldn't schedule that out.”

Two significant benefits of automated pay change tracking have been increased accuracy and reduced time spent on manual work. Alison says this change “has been helping reduce human error” as well as saving time.

Tracking work visas and authorizations is another area that Eddy has helped with. Allison says that “It's been really nice using Eddy to keep track of work visas and authorizations to make sure that if something is coming up we need to renew, or if they're coming up to expire, we are notified rather than having to routinely check things”.

Eddy’s Employee Navigator integration

According to Alison, a big win for the team has been the seamless integration between Eddy and Employee Navigator. “That has been amazing,” she says. Previously Alison and team would manually sync data each payroll between three systems: their HRIS, their payroll provider, and Employee Navigator. Now that task is fully automated and saves them about an hour each time.

Eddy Payroll saves 2 hours every pay run

Allison estimates that with Eddy she saves about 2 hours each time payroll is run. She talks about the process of running a payroll in Eddy: “It’s a very smooth process. It’s great. I mean I feel like the time it takes is significantly reduced by like two hours per pay period.” Much of the time savings comes down to Eddy being faster and more efficient for them than their former payroll provider. Alison explains: “Because with how many employees we have, and with QuickBooks that process took like an hour just for it to run.”

Peace of mind

Moving to Eddy has removed a lot of stress for Alison and brought peace of mind about the whole payroll process. She explains: “I just feel way more secure with how things are processed. I feel way more comfortable that the right taxes are being withheld.”

In addition, Alison appreciates how employees are now more empowered. “The responsibility is on the employee to make sure that their direct deposit is right.” This transfer of responsibility also contributes to better peace of mind. “I feel more comfortable removing one more person, one more human error from the whole process. It's removed stress in that area.”

Overall she says “Eddy totally helps us keep way more organized and be way more efficient.”

Able to focus on more strategic initiatives

Perhaps the most important benefit Alison has realized in moving to Eddy is the freedom to spend time on more strategic work. She asks “What do you want your employees to spend time on? An archaic system that takes them longer to do their work? Or do you want to free up their time to be able to do more things that you are envisioning but you don’t have the manpower to do?”

Moving to Eddy saves time and brings order to chaos, but Alison says the value goes further. “The money we pay for Eddy frees up my time so that projects that we have been talking about for two years are actually happening now—more strategic moves are happening now.”

The Challenge

With around 500 employees in 14 locations spread across multiple states, Haynie and Company has a complex payroll process to work through. What they wanted to find was the right all-in-one solution that works well for payroll, HR, Benefits, hiring and onboarding.

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