“Eddy is some of the best money we’ll spend.”

A case study with John Tomlinson, 
Operations Manager at Mangrum Enterprises

John Tomlinson
Eddy lets us focus on growth, sales, client satisfaction, pricing, and obviously the bottom line...all the things that you need to be strategically focused on. Eddy handles the HR piece for us so we just don't have to fret about it.

John Tomlinson

Operations Manager at Mangrum Enterprises


With Eddy, John has found a way to dramatically improve processes at Mangrum Enterprises, making them much more efficient and freeing them up to focus on strategic projects that help them grow.

Automating the whole process

John joined Mangrum Enterprises in 2020. They had 50 employees and everything was done with paper and filing cabinets. He laughs now thinking back to those early days and says, “There are days, I think if we had to go back to paper, I would probably go home!” Now their office staff of 5 people are in Eddy on a daily basis. Eddy has automated their processes in hiring, onboarding, document retention, compliance, and training tracking. “It’s just very handy,” John says. “Eddy helps us move through the process pretty fast now.”
A big challenge was hiring qualified staff. According to John, they had “terrible turnover” and that was a big driver to move to Eddy. They needed a tool that would help them quickly fill open head count. Eddy helps with that by automatically posting jobs to sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and ZipRecuiter. In addition they are able to track and communicate with candidates much faster. “Our tracking is just so much better,” John says.
Once a hire is made, Eddy’s onboarding process has helped Mangrum be more efficient and hire better employees. John explains: “Eddy has the [hiring] steps set up from application to interview, phone interview, and onboarding. I just follow steps and push the buttons. We put the responsibility of completing the onboarding steps on the employee.”
John is happy to have the improved organization and process. “I can't even start to compare Eddy to a paper personnel file.” he says. “I finally threw away all the [paper] checklists that we created. It was just a mess. And I don't have to worry about that anymore.”

Removing complexity

Eddy has helped Mangrum become much more compliant in terms of hiring and managing employee data and records. They use Eddy during onboarding to have employees review and sign critical documents like their employee handbook and additional policies. Having all this info documented brings peace of mind. “I just don't worry about it if something were to happen, I can go into Eddy and show they signed off on this. I've got acknowledgement here that they read the policy manual.”
In addition, Mangrum uses Eddy to track employee licenses and trainings. This has simplified things for them. John says, “Eddy takes a lot of the complexity out of it. We have to track licensing of our people, so it's a great feature in Eddy to help us make sure that our people are licensed and renewed on time.”

Doing more with less

A great benefit of Eddy is that it helps them do more with less overhead. John says that “without Eddy, we would be struggling.” According to John, Eddy has improved their workflow and process so much that it is paying for itself and then some. He says that without Eddy, “I'd probably be hiring another company to help us and paying a lot more. Eddy enables us to handle our employees with fewer people and gives us the ability to grow.” John expects that Eddy does the work of about one part-time employee. “If we didn't have Eddy, I would have to have at least half of an FTE for a company our size. And that's probably being conservative because when I think about all the employees and things that go on day to day, oh gee, it'd just be hard.
Mangrum is looking to expand operations and locations. John says without Eddy, “we wouldn't be able to do it. Eddy is super important.” The reason Eddy is important to them is that “Eddy lets us focus on growth, sales, client satisfaction, and obviously the bottom line, you know, right now we're always working on how do we make or save money. I look at our pricing, all the things that you need to be strategically focused on. We can be, because Eddy's handling the HR piece for us and we just don't have to fret about that. And that's a big deal.”
“I would not wanna try to operate a business of this size or even smaller without something like Eddy. It is some of the best money we'll spend. I can go do other things instead of worrying about this.”

Taking care of people

Mangrum has a great reputation for caring for the team. This is in part thanks to John because his philosophy in business is to “just do what's right every day. Don't worry about if we win or lose and we'll be okay.” The way he puts this into practice for the people at Mangrum is to make sure the business decisions put people first. He explains: “What is winning or losing? Maybe it's not the best interest financially for us, but it's the best interest of the employee and of the company. I even tell new employees, especially these young kids, I say you're probably not gonna be here forever. You’ll get a better offer come up and you need to take it. When that happens, I'll be your cheerleader, I'll help you. But don't deny anything to improve yourself. And that's part of doing what's right every day.”
John believes that the HR and employee tools in Eddy help him do this. He says, “Eddy helps me track all of this and, you know, so it's just a good work environment that I enjoy. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't.”

The Challenge

Mangrum Enterprises started a modernization project in 2020. Their office process was based on paper and filing cabinets, and with their high employee turnover, things felt pretty chaotic. They needed a better process, a faster way to hire, and an HR platform that would keep them organized and help with onboarding and compliance.

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