How Applicant Tracking Systems Can Automate Your Hiring Process

When it comes to hiring, speed is often the name of the game. If you’re spending too much time in any one area, you might be missing out on top candidates. To increase your speed and save you time, we recommend using an applicant tracking system. A good ATS can help automate your hiring process and lead to more successful outcomes.
How Applicant Tracking Systems Can Automate Your Hiring Process
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If there’s one thing that we never feel we have enough of, it’s time. Time is an unrenewable resource that relentlessly ticks away. One of the primary motivations for a human or business to buy a product is to save time. Cars save us time as we move from point A to point B. Phones save us time by allowing us to have conversations with people in different locations. And software is often used to save employees time and automate portions of their job.

One way to save a significant amount of time as a hiring manager or HR manager is by investing in an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS can automate your hiring process, saving you time, and making it easy to navigate an otherwise chaotic process.

We’ve spoken to dozens of individuals who do not use an ATS, and we’re often left wondering how they have time to do anything else. The hiring process can quickly become messy, confusing, and convoluted when being managed from an email inbox. Candidates do not get the time or attention they deserve, emails or interviews are missed, frustration abounds, and ultimately, neither you nor the candidate has a great experience.

Applicant tracking systems have the potential to solve a lot of these problems. With a good ATS, you can automate a significant portion of the work, freeing you up to spend more time getting to know your job applicants. If your company is serious about hiring, you should be using an ATS. The time savings can be enormous, the candidate experience improves dramatically, and it helps your company appear more professional and organized.

"With a good ATS, you can automate a significant portion of the work, freeing you up to spend more time getting to know your job applicants."

Here are eight unique ways that an applicant tracking system can automate your hiring process.

Creating the Job Post

Many jobs you’re hiring for now have likely been hired for in the past, and will likely be hired for again in the future. Because of this, you must recreate the same job post over and over again. Not only does this take a lot of time and effort, but it’s just frustrating to have to repeat the same process.

By using an applicant tracking system, you can eliminate this step entirely. A good ATS will give you the option to save or duplicate each of your job posts so that you don’t spend time re-creating them. Once you’ve posted a job, you’ll be able to re-post that job as many times as you’d like in the future. With just a couple of clicks, you can hire a Customer Service Representative (or any position) in January, March, July, and November, without any headache or hassle.

Job Distribution

There’s a lot to do when it comes to distributing your job post. You’ll definitely want it appearing on your company’s website, particularly on the careers page. Social media distribution for sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is also important. Plus, you cannot afford to skip out on massive job boards like Glassdoor and Indeed. You’ll also want it to show up on Google when people search for jobs in the local area.

Without the help of an applicant tracking system, this equates to a colossal amount of work. Not only will you need to create and maintain accounts on all the different job board sites, but you’ll likely need the help of an internal web developer to get it posted to your own website, plus it takes time to craft individual posts for various social media accounts.

Could you imagine how nice it’d be if this was all done for you? Think of the time you’d save! The reality is, a good ATS can do all of this. When you use an ATS, getting your job posted on the world’s most popular job boards is literally a click away. Sharing on social media is not only easy for you to do, but the applicant tracking system can make it easy for all your employees to get the word out about the open job. You’ll even be able to sync your open job listings with your company’s careers page automatically so that curious website visitors can easily apply.

What took hours can take minutes.

Are you looking for an ATS that will automate your hiring process? Eddy saves users hundreds of hours every year.

Automated Application Emails

A critical part of the hiring process is the candidate experience. Many hiring and HR managers forget about the candidate experience entirely because they have so much work to do internally that it’s not even on their radar. However, if you can’t create a great experience for your candidates, you likely will not be able to recruit the most talented people.

One way to create a great candidate experience is by sending an email to every candidate that applies, regardless of whether or not they meet the qualifications for the job. By sending this email, you not only provide the candidate with the assurance that their resume or application has been received, but you have the chance to make a positive impression. These little touch points help to build the strength of your brand over time.

Of course, with the average corporate job post receiving around 250 applications, it’d be nearly impossible to send all those emails yourself. Sorting through, finding, and contacting the best candidates will take all your time, and you won’t have time to reach out to those who don’t measure up.

Fortunately, a good ATS makes this process automatic. After setting up an automated application email, you’ll never have to lift a finger again. Every single candidate will receive a personalized email message, thanking them for their application, and letting them know that you’re looking forward to reviewing their resume. This simple automation will delight your candidates and save you hours of time.

Scheduling Interviews

After reviewing all your applicants and zeroing in on the job candidates who have shown the most promise, it’s time to contact them and schedule your interviews. Depending on the job you’re hiring for, you may need to schedule with dozens of applicants. Managing schedules, communicating about times, and keeping track of who has and hasn’t been interviewed can be somewhat of a nightmare without help.

Speed to contact and schedule a candidate is also vitally important. Today’s job market is as competitive as it’s ever been, and the top candidates are swept off the market quickly. If you don’t have an organized, sustainable process for contacting and scheduling interviews quickly, you’ll be left with a list of undesirable applicants.

Many applicant tracking systems are designed to make this process easy. Some will have automated messages that trigger when you’ve decided to move forward with a candidate. Others allow you to sync your calendar directly with the ATS and give the option to the candidate to pick an open time slot. Regardless of the specific features, an ATS will provide you with a speed advantage over the competition.

Big Picture Overview

We’ve heard from many HR managers that hiring gets tricky because it’s not always clear where each candidate is in the process. Some candidates have only had a phone screen, while others have met with the CEO. Knowing where each candidate is in the process, understanding their next step, and communicating that to them clearly can lead to a massive headache.

When you use an applicant tracking system, you’ll be able to group candidates based on what stage they’re in within your hiring process. At a glance, you’ll be able to see who’s resumes need reviewing, who needs to be scheduled for a first interview, and who you’re considering making an offer to. All this information is in front of you at all times, so you’re never in the dark about what needs to happen next.

Notifications and Reminders

For better or for worse, we’re all human beings. That means we are imperfect, forgetful, and at times, lazy. Things slip through the cracks. Schedules get thrown off. We fail to remind someone when we need to reschedule. If your hiring process largely depends on your ability to remember everything that’s going on with 200+ candidates, then you’re likely setting yourself up for failure.

Fortunately, this is an area where software shines. The beautiful thing about software is that when it’s programmed correctly, it never forgets. It will always remember and it can remind you of things even when you’ve forgotten. Applicant tracking systems are built to be helpful. They can remind you when a candidate has sat in a certain stage for too long without being contacted. It can notify you when a candidate responds to your email message about setting up an interview. It can tell you how many candidates you’ve received on a certain day, or during a certain week.

Give your brain a break! Let the ATS do the heavy lifting.

Eddy’s applicant tracking system is proven to save companies time.

Rejections Emails

When you receive hundreds of applications, it’s likely that many of the candidates won’t meet the basic qualifications you’re looking for. One by one, you’ll sift through resumes, cover letters, and information about each candidate, and as you do, you’ll find that only a handful truly stand out.

The many candidates who don’t meet the qualifications will be waiting to hear back from you. They’ll be anxious to know whether or not they’ll get an interview, or potentially get a job offer. This waiting game can be a long, anxious process. Many employers make it worse by taking weeks to notify candidates of rejection, and that’s if they notify them at all.

Social media is full of angry job applicants who submitted a resume but never heard a peep from the company they applied to. They holdout hope, wondering if the hiring process is just taking a long time, when in reality the company moved on from them weeks ago.

Don’t be this kind of employer. Don’t be the company that doesn’t tell a candidate that they’re not getting the job. We mentioned earlier how important it is to create an excellent candidate experience. One way to demolish the quality of your experience is by forgetting (or otherwise not emphasizing) the value of a rejection message.

Of course, without the help of an applicant tracking system to automate these messages, it can feel completely overwhelming. No one has time to send dozens, maybe even hundreds of emails to candidates that aren’t getting the job. But an ATS can do this for you. In many cases, as soon as you mark the candidate as “Rejected”, the ATS will ask you if you’d like to send a rejection email. You can customize and personalize this message in any way that you’d like. And, with a click of a button, you can maintain your excellent candidate experience by sending a rejection message to every candidate who doesn’t get the job.


Not every ATS will have an onboarding feature attached to it, but those that do can save you hours of time.

The onboarding process is typically categorized by the paperwork and administrative work that an employee must complete before their first day. This can include things like accepting an official job offer, signing tax forms or legal documents, completing background checks, and submitting necessary information (such as a home address or an emergency contact).

When you use an ATS that has onboarding capabilities, this entire process becomes easy. Because the ATS will already house a fair amount of data about the job candidate, much of it can easily be ported over and pre-filled in the onboarding process. The process for gathering and signing documents can also be fully automated and done digitally, making it simple for you and the job seeker.

The marriage of an ATS with an onboarding system allows companies to save even more time, provide an even better candidate experience, and stay completely organized throughout the entire process.


Automation means saving time and saving money for your company. Software is what enables automation and makes it simple. Applicant tracking systems are software products built specifically to make your hiring process better. Using one will bring efficiency, sustainability, and even a little bit of joy to your hiring team.

If you’re considering using an ATS, think about giving Eddy a try. We combine our ATS with onboarding and general human resources software to provide you with an all-in-one HR solution for your business. Hundreds of companies currently use Eddy to gain an advantage in their hiring process and save them time. It could be the software you’re looking for.

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