What Is ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is an online employment marketplace where employers can post jobs and employees can apply for jobs.

How Can Hiring With ZipRecruiter Benefit a Company?

ZipRecruiter is one of the more popular places to post jobs. It is well-known and easy to use for employers and job-seekers. Some of the benefits of hiring with ZipRecruiter are that it is a central database for hiring data, user-friendly, and mobile-optimal.

  • Central database for hiring data.  When job-seekers create a ZipRecruiter profile and upload their resume, they add their contact information. That means that employers can search for candidates who fit open roles and reach out to them.
  • User-friendly. ZipRecruiter is user-friendly for employers and job-seekers.
    • Employers provide basic information for the posting (job description, requirements, location, pay, and other general info), and ZipRecruiter puts it in a format that is easy to read and follow, though you’ll still want to make sure it is laid out how you want it.
    • ZipRecruiter is popular with job seekers due to the “1-click apply” feature and the ability to  filter their job search by pay, location, key words, or job type. This convenience leads to more job-seekers using ZipRecruiter.
  • Mobile-optimal. ZipRecruiter’s mobile app builds off their website interface. It is easy to use and allows job-seekers the ability to apply for jobs from their phone.

Tips for Hiring With ZipRecruiter

When you post a job on ZipRecruiter, it is important to know how to make your posting attractive to job-seekers. Here are some tips for hiring with ZipRecruiter.

Tip 1: Know Your Market

Before you post on ZipRecruiter, know your target demographics, or what kind of employees you are targeting. This will help you search the ZipRecruiting hiring database to find candidates that might be a good fit for the role. For example, you might be targeting recent college graduates or current college students, and will want to gear your writing towards them. Also, you can use ZipRecruiter filters to find keywords in a resume, such as student, looking for experience, or recent graduate.

Tip 2: Pay Attention to Job Posting Format

After ZipRecruiter automatically puts your post together based on the information you input, make sure it’s laid out the way you envision it. If needed, you can edit a post to change the way it looks once submitted. Job-seekers can get fatigued reading through a long posting that isn’t formatted correctly. Make sure the format is clean and precise.

Tip 3: Highlight Key Details

Typically, job-seekers read multiple job postings and apply for multiple jobs. They are going to look for what’s important to them. That might be your company’s competitive pay, benefits, or reasons why your company is a great place to work. Just like a resume is a candidate’s way to sell a company on why the candidate is a good fit for the position, a job posting is the way your company sells itself to a candidate. You can highlight information by bolding keywords or formatting in a way where the things you want to highlight are at the top or bottom of a posting. Make it easy for readers to find key information.

How to Hire With ZipRecruiter

Every job site is a little different when it comes to posting jobs. Here are the basic steps with ZipRecruiter.

Step 1: Create Your Job Description

A well-written and accurate job description is essential because it provides the information for your ZipRecruiter posting. Minimally, include the job description, work experience/education requirements, job location, job type, and pay for the position. You will write this job description in a word document prior to using ZipRecruiter.

Step 2: Create ZipRecruiter Account

Your first step at ZipRecruiter is to create an employer account. You will need to create a login as well as provide access to whoever else on your team will need it.

Step 3: Input Job Information

ZipRecruiter will walk you through each step of filling out the posting, inserting the information from the job description. At the end, you will put in your credit card information to pay for the posting. You will be charged according to the plan you are paying for. (As of this writing, ZipRecruiter’s free trial period is four days.)

Step 4: Share Your Posting

Job-seekers can go to the ZipRecruiter website directly to apply, but you can also share a link to the post on social media, your company website, virtual bulletin boards at schools, and more. Share your posting wherever you believe your desired candidates may see it.

How to Use TrafficBoost

One way to attract more candidates to a position on ZipRecruiter is to use TrafficBoost, a fee-based promotion system. TrafficBoost provides increased visibility and placement on ZipRecruiter and other partner sites.

Step 1: Assess Current Posting

If you aren’t getting as many applications as you want, review your posting and decide if there is something that is driving candidates away. Do you need to increase the pay, offer remote work, or make the job itself more attractive? If this is the case, TrafficBoost won’t help; you need to make changes to the posting. If this doesn’t seem to be the case and you’re still struggling to get candidates, TrafficBoost is a great tool to use.

Step 2: Apply Boost Credit

TrafficBoost is a subscription service that is charged to the credit card you have on your account. You can choose a single, double or triple boost. Each boost is expected to increase your posting by 100 views, so a triple boost would be 300 more views. This will occur over a 30-day period until you hit the number of views you have paid for. These views won’t guarantee more candidates, but will make your job more visible on the ZipRecruiter website.

Step 3: Review TrafficBoost Effectiveness

After applying Boost credits, assess whether the additional views are getting you the increased number of applicants you want. If you still aren’t seeing the traction you want for your posting, reconsider if TrafficBoosts are effective for your job postings.