What Is Indeed Recruiting?

When your organization utilizes Indeed.com for your recruiting purposes, you’re allowing candidates to more easily access your job posting. At Indeed, you’re able to post jobs for free, sponsor key jobs, manage candidates, and find quality applicants. Indeed is one of the most highly trafficked job posting sites in today’s market, so utilizing it for recruiting can benefit your organization substantially.

Why Is Indeed Recruiting Important?

The benefits of Indeed recruiting include:

  • A wide candidate pool. With all the job postings available out there, it can be difficult to know where to post jobs or source applicants. Indeed.com boasts that over 80% of the US online job seekers visit the site, so why not utilize this by casting your net through Indeed? If you’re posting where the candidates are looking, you’re going to help expedite the hiring process for everyone.
  • Saving time. The recruiting process is one of the longest processes in HR. Searching, screening, interviewing, job offers, negotiations, and onboarding take a substantial amount of time. Utilizing Indeed for recruitment allows you to manage jobs and candidates right from your Indeed dashboard. You can even review applications and schedule interviews all in the same place. The amount of time this could save your organization in the recruiting process is extremely helpful.
  • Tracking progress. While candidates can apply through Indeed, you can also redirect them to apply through your company career site or personal applicant tracking system to manage your candidates internally. Even though candidates may not be applying directly through Indeed, you still have the ability to track the application insights Indeed produces in order to apply insights to further recruitment and hiring processes.

Tips for Recruiting on Indeed

Recruiting is one of the most critical aspects of your role in HR because it’s the first encounter with candidates that could become lifelong employees. Let’s review a few tips to utilize recruiting on Indeed to ensure these interactions go well.

Tip 1: Simplify the Process

Applying for job after job at the company after company can be overwhelming for candidates. Your organization can miss out on a quality hire simply because they have been in “job world limbo” for some time and have lost all motivation to keep applying. By recruiting through Indeed, you can create a positive candidate experience by simplifying the process. Taking out some of the legwork for applicants and recruiters will create a positive experience for candidates’ first encounter with your organization, a huge step forward in recruiting! Allow the process Indeed has put in place to benefit your organization by utilizing this job posting portal as a “one-stop-shop” for your candidates.

Tip 2: Write Quality Job Postings

Posting a quality job description is more likely to attract quality candidates while also limiting the myriad of questions you receive from applicants. Then you can spend your time focusing on screening and interviewing. When writing a job posting, be sure to emphasize the culture of the organization. Candidates were most likely brought to the post because of the title but draw them in with reasons as to why they would want to work for your specific organization. From there, be sure you’re outlining all the responsibilities and requirements of the role, as well as location and working conditions. Candidates these days are looking for clear, concise, exciting posts that leave little to the imagination when it comes to selecting their next role. If your job posting reads like this on Indeed, it will increase your chances of hiring the right talent.

Tip 3: Sponsor Your Job

Indeed recommends sponsoring (paying to boost) your hard-to-fill roles because free postings lose visibility over time. Sponsoring a job in Indeed highlights your job listing and gives you a better chance of attracting quality talent. This may not be necessary for all your positions, but if you are struggling to fill a position, give the sponsored job posting a try. With the sponsored job posting, you can create “deal breakers” so Indeed only sends you applications from candidates who meet those requirements.

How to Hire Through Indeed

Indeed has done all they can to make hiring simple. Let’s review the steps below.

Step 1: Post Your Job

Once you have created an account on Indeed for your company, just enter your clearly written job description and post away! Indeed boasts that this step will take under five minutes, and with the recruiting process being so lengthy, taking a quick five minutes to effectively find the right talent seems like nothing.

Step 2: Manage Candidates

You can manage jobs and candidates right from your Indeed dashboard on your corporate page. You can also review applications and schedule interviews there. If your organization already has an effective applicant tracking system, do not worry; you can still utilize this and have candidates apply through your corporate website or link to your applicant tracking system in your post.

Step 3: Keep Postings Up to Date

Any time a portion of your job posting changes—that could be the compensation, hybrid working model vs remote model, or requirements—log in to update it. The ease of this provides a huge benefit to your organization, as most candidates look for such specifications, and you could waste your recruiters’ and the candidates’ time if your postings are not effectively managed and up to date.

Step 4: Track Performance

One of the keys to success is tracking performance and adapting. Indeed provides metrics to apply to your recruiting moving forward. When your organization takes advantage of these metrics, you are allowing your recruiting process to grow, which in turn helps your organization flourish.