Elegant simplicity meets powerful capability.

Eddy’s combination of simplicity and power make it the perfect hiring tool for your small business.

Candidate Management

Easy drag and drop pipeline

Once candidate’s apply through Eddy’s simple online application tool, your hiring team will be able to see all the applicants in an intuitive pipeline view. Managing candidates across interview stages is a breeze thanks to a simple drag and drop interface. You’ll never again lose track candidates during your hiring process.

Team Collaboration

Better hiring decisions

Make your best hires by involving your team. Eddy makes it simple and efficient for the entire team to participate with feedback, comments, and ratings that enable better and more collaborative hiring decisions.

Advertise Your Jobs

Quality candidates from popular job boards

We hear you—it’s tough sometimes to find enough qualified candidates. Eddy helps you expand your reach in a very affordable way by automatically posting your open positions to job sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, saving you time and money. And if you end up getting too many candidates, it’s easy to turn this off.

Candidate messaging made easy

Never get lost in your email inbox again

Eddy—simple AND powerful

While Eddy focuses on simplicity, We also pack in some pretty sweet features for the power user!

Tags & Filtering
Career Page

Powerful Tagging & Filtering

Eddy makes it simple to do powerful filtering and sorting. You can add tags that let you find qualified candidates for future jobs. Tags, ratings, reactions, and more can all be used to find the diamond in the rough.

Real time reporting & Insights

Eddy offers job source reporting so you can answer key questions like, What job board sends me the most candidates? And, How do we find the candidates we actually hire? Eddy also provides important information about the time it takes to make a hire, and how many people are viewing your career page.

Amazing career sites

In 10 minutes you can add your own company logo, a few photos, paste in a description of your company, and Tada!—you’ve got a simple but effective careers page to highlight your company’s open jobs.


Eddy enabled us to get organized, to move candidates along the process more smoothly, and to hire the right people in the right positions.

Nicole from Skipio

We had a lot of things falling through the cracks before Eddy and I knew we needed a better place to store documents… Eddy was a game changer!

Carlie from UCRPC

Clean, organized, and beautiful design. Anyone in the company can hop on and learn how to use it.

Chelsey from Tesani

Eddy—Business Made Simple. Try It For Free.

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