“Having Eddy really is a godsend because it is so easy.”

A case study with Trebeca Itzen, Owner/Admin at Bighorn Plumbing

– Trebeca Itzen
Eddy has made this simple for me. I'm not an HR person. There's enough hard things about building a new business. Having Eddy just really is a godsend because it is so easy. So like, you know, if only everything else would be this easy!”

– Trebeca Itzen

Owner/Admin at Bighorn Plumbing


With Eddy, Bighorn Plumbing is able to focus 100% on building the business. Eddy takes care of hiring, onboarding, documents, payroll, and more—so Trebeca and her team can focus on customers and growth.

Easy Compliance

As a new business owner Trebeca knows that compliance is important, and is better taken care of BEFORE it becomes a problem. This focus helped her to be proactive on arranging things like workers comp and an employee handbook. She says, “I'm very much about compliance and being a step ahead of everything. I’m not gonna wait till there's an issue and then be like, oh crap, we should get insurance!”
Eddy has helped bring compliance to Bighorn plumbing in 3 key areas that can be tricky for a new business: hiring, onboarding, and payroll.
For hiring, Eddy helps keep Bighorn on the right side of EEO and FCRA rules by providing a framework so that job postings and hiring practices comply with EEO laws, (which prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information) and also Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations (which deal with obtaining written consent for background checks from candidates and providing proper notifications if adverse actions are taken based on the reports.)
During onboarding, Eddy streamlines the collection and verification of necessary documentation, such as I-9 forms and employee agreements, to keep things properly documented and compliant with employment laws.
For payroll, Eddy automates calculations, tax withholdings, and filings to make sure that employees are paid accurately and on time while complying with tax laws and regulations.
All this reduces the risk of legal issues and penalties, allowing Trebeca to focus on building the business.

Creating a hiring process from scratch

Trebeca uses Eddy for her entire hiring proceess: job postings, automated stage actions, candidate messaging, background checks, offer letters, and more.
She says Eddy is easy to love. “There's so much I like about Eddy. It's very easy to use. The, being able to just move candidates from one section to another and having those stage actions all set up. It's super useful.”
Her process is to review applications as they come in. She says, “I give them the five stars or four stars and I put reasons why in the notes right there also and save those. So that's super helpful.” Next she does a phone interview, followed by a background check. “So if I want to do a phone interview, I'll move them to a phone interview and then I make that first call, and then if I feel like this is somebody we wanna interview in person, I do the background check next.
The background check process in Eddy is powered by Checkr, and according to Trebeca, it is “Super easy.” Once the interview process is complete, Trebeca uses Eddy to send a job offer that the candidate can e-sign.

Onboarding Simplified

Eddy has also helped Trebeca create a professional onboarding experience for new hires. Like many industries, plumbing services requires a lot of onboarding support. Trebeca says she has at least 10 documents that each employee must sign. “We have workers' comp, we have OSHA, we have like four other documents just for our workers' comp requirements, you know, general safety acknowledgements, the Form I-9, the W4—all the standard stuff.”
Eddy made it easy for Trebeca to upload all the forms and make her documents signable. She didn’t have to stress about standard documents for things like the I-9 and W4 withholdings because those are automatically built into Eddy.
When Trebeca is asked how she would have pulled all this together without Eddy, she is momentarily quiet. “I don't even know, I don't even know...like I can't even think about it. Eddy has made this simple for me. I'm not an HR person. You know, we are new business owners—never had a business before. If it wasn't this easy for this part of the job, and this part of building the business, there's enough hard things about building a new business. Having Eddy just really is a godsend because it is so easy. If only everything else would be this easy!”

Easy Payroll

Getting things set up for payroll in Eddy was a simple process. “[the Eddy team] were super helpful in all of the setup of Eddy. Eddy makes it easy to pay bonuses, and also by piece rate or other options. It’s also easy to enter or import hours worked from their field service management software tool.

Is Eddy worth the cost?

We asked Trebeca how she would determine if Eddy is worth the cost for her as a business owner. She says if she didn’t have Eddy the work would be overwhelming. “Oh gosh, that'd be a full-time job in itself!” She might have to hire a consultant or someone to focus on payroll and HR. But Eddy has made it so simple to hire and run payroll that it only takes minutes each week to run payroll. “I definitely feel like it's worth the cost.” she says.

The Challenge

Starting a business from scratch requires a lot of courage and a lot of hard work. There are a million things you don’t know. For Trebeca, HR and payroll are things she had never done before. So using Eddy has been incredibly helpful to her to define and automate processes, streamline work, and make sure she stays compliant along the way.

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