Overcoming the Top Small Business HR Challenges with Eddy

There are a variety of small business HR challenges that many companies face. These obstacles can prevent companies from reaching their potential if solutions aren’t found. Eddy has built software to make the management of people, payroll, and HR processes in a small business easy. Read more to find out how.
Overcoming the Top Small Business HR Challenges with Eddy
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A recent article published by Business News Daily described the top 14 HR challenges that small businesses are facing. In the article, the author points out that small businesses are more likely to be “impeded by HR-related challenges” because of their limited resources.

To this, we say amen!

Small businesses are absolutely at a disadvantage when it comes to HR. Many small business owners are just trying to survive. They do not have the time, energy, money, or expertise to make the human resources department a top priority. While they’d love to hire an HR expert or learn more about HR best practices themselves, it’s nearly impossible for many of them to do so.

Small businesses face all sorts of obstacles and challenges when it comes to HR, including issues revolving around compliance, compensation, hiring and firing practices, managing benefits, and so much more. As time goes by, each of these issues only seem to grow more pressing, and new issues such as handling COVID-19, creating work-from-home policies, creating diversity and inclusion programs, and others, only add to mounting stress of running a business.

Small businesses need help tackling these HR challenges.

We built Eddy to make it possible.

What is Eddy?

Eddy is an all-in-one HR software platform designed specifically to meet the needs of small companies. If your business has anywhere between 1-250 employees, you’ll not only find Eddy useful, you’ll find it critical.

The goal of Eddy is to reduce the stress and burden of the dozens (or even hundreds) of HR tasks that need to be completed every week.

For some companies, it may mean making it easier to hire new employees in a quick, organized, efficient way. For others, it will mean reducing the time spent onboarding those new employees from hours to minutes.

"The goal of Eddy is to reduce the stress and burden of the dozens (or even hundreds) of HR tasks that need to be completed every week. "

Whether you need help hiring, onboarding, managing, tracking, or paying employees, Eddy can do it all. It’s been meticulously designed to help small businesses overcome the daily HR challenges they face.

Top HR Challenges for Small Businesses

Business News Daily came up with the following list of 14 items that they define as the top HR challenges for small businesses:

  1. Legal and regulatory compliance
  2. Finding the right employees
  3. Retaining talent
  4. Training Employees
  5. Conflicts between managers and employees
  6. Resistance to organizational change
  7. Workplace diversity
  8. Employee compensation
  9. Developing a competitive benefits package
  10. Employee productivity
  11. Resistance to technology adoption
  12. Managing remote employees
  13. Maintaining a sense of calm in turbulent times
  14. Managing HR without a dedicated HR staff

Each of these HR challenges poses a unique and difficult hurdle that small businesses need to find a way to navigate. With limited resources, staff, experience, and expertise, many small business owners may not know where to turn.

We believe that Eddy is a great place to start.

Overcome HR Challenges with Eddy

Now that you know what Eddy is, we’ll walk you through a few ways it can help small businesses owners tackle many of the specific challenges listed above.

While Eddy’s software may not be able to solve every problem, there are many it can solve. Let’s look at a few of these problems individually and learn what Eddy can do to simplify, ease, or eliminate these challenges moving forward.

Legal and regulatory compliance

Business News Daily ranked legal and regulatory compliance as the number one HR challenge facing small businesses and we understand why. HR is a regulated space, and there are many laws, rules, and complicated processes to understand. Eddy can immediately make this easier.

For example, when you run payroll, it’s important that you’re deducting the right amount of state and federal income taxes from each paycheck. You also need to be aware of other tax deductions such as FICA. On top of that, small business owners must file quarterly and annual tax returns, submit new hire reports, prepare, file, and distribute end-of-year W2s for all employees, and properly document everything in case of an audit.

That’s a lot of work to take on by yourself! When you use Eddy, we do that work for you. We also make it easy for all your employees to electronically sign required documents such as their I-9 and W-4 forms, we help you understand which questions are off limits during a job interview, and we make it easy to run key reports so you stay on top of EEOC filings.

If that’s not enough, we also work with a team of partners that can act as an outsourced HR department on your behalf. For an incredibly affordable price, you can have HR experts answer your questions, review your company handbooks, and be there for you when you need them.

If legal and regulatory compliance is your top HR challenge this year, then let Eddy step in and carry the load. We’re built for this.

Finding the right employees

When we first started creating the software for Eddy, we began with the understanding that people are what matter most in any business. For an organization to succeed, they need to hire great people.

Because this is so vital, the first thing we did was build a world-class applicant tracking system to help businesses find and hire the right employees.

With the help of Eddy’s applicant tracking system (ATS), you can create a job posting and distribute it to the world’s best job boards in a matter of minutes. As applicants find your job post, they’ll be able to interact with a slick, easy-to-use online application that proudly displays your branding.

Once candidates submit their applications, they’ll funnel neatly into your candidate pipeline. Here, you’ll have a visual view of every candidate, how they rank compared to other candidates, and what stage of the interview process they currently reside.

Through Eddy, you can also contact and communicate with your candidates directly. Because all your communication is stored in our software, it prevents your inbox from being overrun with the back-and-forth email chains that so often overwhelm hiring managers who try to coordinate and schedule interviews with dozens of candidates simultaneously.

Finally, we know that hiring is a team effort and must be collaborative in order to render the best results. Eddy makes team communication simple. When reviewing and interviewing candidates, you can leave comments, questions, and opinions for team members, tag candidates, assign star ratings, and even use emojis to react to a candidate. All of this is simple, easy, and organized within Eddy.

The features built into our ATS result in faster, better hires. These tools will help you organize and streamline your processes so that you can contact and communicate with the best candidates before your competition can. Speed is the number one advantage a company can have in hiring, and Eddy will give you the speed you’re looking for. If you’re stressed about finding the right employees, let us help you improve your hiring processes so you can compete for the best candidates.

Discover how Eddy makes hiring easy with a world class applicant tracking system.

Training employees

Almost every company must do some form of employee training. Whether that training is for their specific job or whether it’s to comply with regulatory guidelines (such as HIPAA compliance or sexual harassment training) it has to be done.

Once training is completed by employees, the task isn’t finished. Most trainings need to be repeated on a regular basis. Many trainings, licences, or certifications expire and must be renewed. Keeping track of all this information can end up being more challenging to manage than the training itself.

Luckily, Eddy built all the training tracking you need directly into its software. Now you can keep track of any training, license requirement, or certification that you need. You are in control when it comes to dictating which employees must complete the training, and how often it must be repeated or renewed.

Once you have all the information inputted into Eddy, we will automatically send you notification reminders before an employee license or certification expires, and we’ll alert you to any employee who must complete or renew a training.

Automating these processes can save a small business hours of time and relieve the business owner from the stress and mental strain of tracking and managing all of it. If the company ever faces an audit and needs to show reports on trainings or certifications, we make it easy to export the information you need.

"Automating these processes can save a small business hours of time and relieve the business owner from the stress and mental strain of tracking and managing all of it."

If training employees and tracking their progress is on your list of worries, there’s a good chance Eddy can help.

Resistance to technology adoption

New technology can be extremely intimidating. Even if we know it’s useful, it can be hard to switch systems. We understand that you’ve probably found something that “works” for you already, and you may be hesitant to change things up. After all, switching costs (the time and effort it takes to learn a new system) can be very real. We weren’t surprised to see a resistance to technology adoption as a top HR challenge.

However, let us be the first to say that you really do not need to be afraid. Eddy has been designed to be the simplest, easiest, and most intuitive way to manage your people, payroll, and processes.

We even had one customer (an HR manager for a non-profit company) describe teaching her employees to use Eddy as being as easy as “teaching a teenager how to text.” Seriously, we’re not making that up. We know that isn’t said in regard to HR software very often (in fact, this might be the very first time), but we’ve put thousands of hours worth of effort into making our software as user-friendly as possible.

Do not let a resistance to new technology get in the way of growing your business, freeing your time, or eliminating the stress, headaches, and anxiety associated with HR tasks. Eddy was built with your specific needs in mind. It was made for small business owners and operators who simply need something that’s easy and that gets the job done right.


Managing remote employees

COVID-19 and its many effects have posed serious challenges for many small businesses. One of the hardest adjustments has been transforming an office-based business into one that can work remote. While there are many challenges that come with managing remote employees, there are also some great tools to help ease those challenges.

Messaging apps like Slack have made it simple to connect for quick questions and conversation. Video apps like Zoom are useful for meetings and longer discussions. But what about knowing which of your employees are out sick? Or are taking PTO? Before going remote, managing who’s in and out of the office may have been something that was done in person. But how are you doing it now that you don’t see everyone every day?

Another pressing challenge for remote teams has been getting employees to sign new documents. In a pre-COVID world, employees who participated together in a diversity and inclusion training program could also sign their completion form immediately following the meeting. But now, as they are watching virtual training programs from home, how are you collecting those signatures?

Onboarding new employees has also become hugely challenging for many small businesses who are adapting to remote work. Onboarding a new hire has many moving parts; there are documents to sign, information to submit, and tasks to complete. How do you know if any of it is getting done? Do you have insight into what your new hire has completed and what they still have to do in order to be eligible to work?

Unfortunately, many small businesses have yet to find easy solutions for these HR challenges. Remote work has been a difficult adjustment. While some needs like video conferencing and messaging have been met, many HR needs are going unmet and have not been easy to resolve.

Eddy has tools and processes to help meet all these needs. Whether you need help managing time and attendance, getting documents signed, tracking the completion of employee training, or getting new hires properly onboarded, you can rest assured that Eddy can do the job.

Managing HR without a dedicated HR staff

The final HR challenge facing small business owners today is the most broad, and also the most frequent. Almost all small business owners are forced to take on the human resources department without a dedicated HR staff. For some, they have an office administrator or executive assistant take on many duties, but others are forced to go at it alone.

The world of HR is growing more complicated by the day, and the time, attention, and resources it takes to stay on top of its intricate processes is often more than a small business owner has available. Because of this, hundreds of small businesses are turning to Eddy.

Eddy exists to serve the HR needs of a small company. We give you all the tools you need and none of the tools you don’t. We make it easy to use, simple to understand, and we have dedicated customer support employees whose sole purpose is to help you succeed.

If you’re managing HR without a dedicated HR staff then you should try a software companion that will do most of the work for you. We automate and streamline the operation and management of people, payroll, and processes so you can get back to doing what you love.

Watch a free demo and see how Eddy is changing the world of HR management for hundreds of small businesses.


Don’t let these HR challenges for small businesses take up too much of your time or mental capacity. You don’t need to go at it alone. Even if your financial resources are limited, you’ll be able to afford and use a software like Eddy to help manage it for you. We’ll keep you compliant, help you hire the best people, take the hassle out of managing your remote employees, and we’ll do it in a way that’s simple and easy.

Give Eddy a try. It might surprise you just how easy it is to turn HR into a competitive advantage.

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