Millennials seek better job benefits, culture

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Written by Michaela Proctor for The Daily Universe. Read the full article here

As BYU students graduate and move into the workforce, they are among a population of millennials that expects more benefits than companies offered even a few years ago. Not only have the types of jobs changed with advances in technology and innovation, but what millennials look for in jobs has also shifted.

Though traditional benefits include health insurance, retirement plans and life insurance, the rising generation is expecting more personalized perks when searching for a job.

Employers offer these benefits not only to attract potential employees to their companies but to retain workers and use their strengths effectively.

“Smart business leaders recognize one of their most valuable assets is their employees,” said Pat Bluth, former director of human resource operations for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “Many companies don’t see that and especially don’t act like employees are important to their business. Good leaders know what it takes to motivate and energize employees so they will perform well.”

According to Glassdoor, employers must understand that much of what motivates the millennial generation in looking for a job is work culture and opportunities for growth.

Though some millennials are still in school, Glassdoor says employers can expect that by 2025 millennials will make up the majority of their workforce. This means benefits not only need to fulfill traditional expectations, but benefits must contribute to a company culture and environment…

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