The Best Employee Time Tracking Software

The Best Employee Time Tracking Software

Easy tracking makes for accurate timesheets
Clock in and out by mobile app, computer, or kiosk—your choice
Review and approve timesheets
Automatic overtime and holiday pay calculations
Prevents buddy punching
...and much more!
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Time card app trusted by businesses everywhere
Software Advice Frontrunner 2022
Capterra Shortlist 2022
4.7 stars from 200+ reviews
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Time Tracking Software
Time is money. Track time with Eddy.
Eddy’s online time clock for employees is super simple to use and is a huge time saver for the business. It’s the easy way to make sure hours are correct and ready for payroll, every time.
Track Time Easily and accurately
  • Everyone saves time—from employee to manager to admin
  • Employee timesheets can be edited and approved in seconds
  • Timesheets flow automatically into payroll so there’s no wasting time entering hours twice
  • The Eddy mobile app makes it a snap for employees to accurately track their hours
  • Each time punch can be geo-tagged to avoid time theft
Accurate timesheets are easy in Eddy
It’s super convenient to track hours in Eddy, making it easy to get accurate hours every pay period.
  • Workers can clock in on their phone, computer, or a dedicated tablet kiosk app.
  • We’ll remind you (or your managers—it’s up to you) to review and approve timesheets at the end of each pay period. You can be confident all hours are accurate when it’s time to run payroll.
“For us, the most important features in Eddy are time tracking and PTO. Eddy makes it very easy for our team to use them, and it's very easy for me when it comes time to run payroll.”
Lynda Bean
Lynda Bean
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Take the hassle out of tracking time
Getting hours right can be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be—Eddy’s Time Tracking takes the hassle out of tracking time.
  • Workers can quickly clock in and out with Eddy’s time clock. They can even select from multiple pay rates that you assign them to make sure their time tracked matches the job they are doing.
  • Automatic overtime and holiday pay calculations mean you don’t need a calculator to get pay right, every time.
  • Worry less about time theft. Know where workers clock in and out with geotagging in the mobile app. Prevent buddy punching by assigning unique PINs in the kiosk app and review the photos taken with each time punch.
G2 Crowd
4.6 star average
"I like that the platform is very clean and easy to use. My employees never have problems with it, making it excellent for them. For me, everything is very simple to understand and easy to use, from payroll to managing time off."
High Performer Winter 2024
Best Estimated ROI
Easiest to Use
4.7 star average
"Having a great specialist at EddyHR who is available any time on any day to answer my questions is so great."
Capterra Shortlist 2022
Software Advice
4.6 star average
"EddyHR is user friendly, clean, not cluttered, and has the features that we needed the most - time tracking, time off management, important document management/storage. It has a simple employee portal that's easy to use."
Software Advice Front Runners 2022
“Anytime that employees need to clock out, request time off, gather their pay stubs, whatever they need to do, it is a much easier process for them in Eddy. That is one of the big reasons that we love Eddy and that we use it: Eddy is just overall just a better experience for our employees. If you have happy employees, you have productive employees.”
Blake Beard
Head of HR, Xima
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