What is TV Recruiting?

Similar to marketing, television (TV) recruitment is a way to highlight your organization, appeal to the needs of future talent, and create your organization’s brand.

Should a Company Do TV Recruiting?

Over the last few years, organizations have struggled to fill positions and the war for talent is more fierce than ever. The Manpower Group reports that 69% of employers have had difficulties filling positions. Below are a few pros and cons to consider while exploring TV recruitment as a method to attract talent.

Pros of TV Recruiting 

  • Reach. With so much competition for talent, TV recruitment allows you to expand your reach to potential new hires. Statista reports that the number of TV households in the United States from 2000 to 2022 is a whopping 122.4 million. Television allows organizations to reach large numbers of people in a short period.
  • Accessibility. With TV, there are different levels of advertisement. Many are familiar with the million-dollar Super Bowl ads, however, there are local markets that use broadcast television that can be a bit more affordable.
  • Trust and credibility. Watching TV programs is a common activity among Americans. A Small BusinessTrend survey found that 61% of individuals who see or hear an advertisement are more likely to purchase items being sold by the company because they view the organization as more trustworthy and credible. According to this statistic, by utilizing TV recruitment, your organization is building a brand that most will find trustworthy and credible.

Cons of TV Recruiting

  • Cost. Even with the different levels of TV advertising, it can be costly. A 30-second ad in primetime slots with the most viewers can range from $200-$1500.
  • Effectiveness. TV recruitment can be challenging. You cannot be sure the audience you are targeting is actually being reached. Many viewers change channels during breaks or do something else during commercials.

How To Do TV Recruiting

Step 1: Create Budget

It is important to determine your budget prior to executing a TV recruitment campaign. This budget provides for operational planning, performance evaluations, and strategy formation.

Step 2: Determine Your Audience

To be successful, you must first determine your target market and who you are trying to attract? First, define your target market. For example, are you trying to attract specialized dentists such as an orthodontist? The goal is to determine who will be your perfect candidate. Don’t be afraid to work with a member of your marketing team or hire an outside firm to assist you.

Step 3: Compose Your Message

Once you have identified your targeted audience, get to know them. Remember, this is a TV ad and you need to know some of the challenges your target audience may face and things they may like. Using our orthodontist example, many orthodontists consider salary, benefits, and a regular schedule as a plus, so you may want to include these items in your message. Think about all the positives your organization offers as well. Make your audience feel as though you are speaking directly to them.

Step 4: Locate an Agency

You have created your budget, determined your target audience, and thought of the message to convey. Now it is time to locate an agency to put things in motion. When looking for a broadcast company, be open-minded, consider both national and local stations, check reviews and production examples, and evaluate the agency’s fee structure.

Tips For Creating a TV Recruitment Commercial

Tip 1: Share Your Organization’s Culture

Potential candidates want to know what it is like to work at your organization. What better way to do this by showcasing your company in your new ad? Share all the great things you have done and are doing.

Tip 2: Consider an Agency

By working with an advertising agency, you gain access to their existing network which provides more leverage in negotiating rates.

Tip 3: Use Your Current Employees

Attract new hires by word of mouth! Consider having your employees appear in the ad. This not only helps with messaging but boosts employee morale and engagement.

Tip 4: Offer Incentives

Offering hiring incentives is a great tool to attract and retain your current employees. Highlight your organization’s incentives in your ad (e.g., bonus, benefits, flexible work schedule).

Tip 5: Give it Time

This might be your first attempt at TV recruitment, so allow time for your organization to brand itself. Consider 90-120 days for results.