What Is TikTok Recruiting?

Recruiting is the process of identifying and attracting talent to give your organization a pool of qualified candidates for open positions. TikTok recruiting is traditional recruiting methods married to social media with the potential of viral exposure for your positions.

Traditionally recruiting is simply posting a job description, but companies in today’s world need to be proactive to land market openings. What makes your company attractive and what’s the “why” behind working for your company? These are all important questions to answer in your recruiting process if you want to attract top talent

What better way to build a company brand, advertise open jobs and show the benefits of your company than through the means of viral media and the fastest growing social media application in history? Welcome, TikTok recruiting!

How Can TikTok Recruiting Benefit a Company?

A strong social media presence can propel your company to achieve your business goals. TikTok increases your ability to promote your company to over 700 million users Here are some of the benefits of using TikTok as a recruiting tool.

  • Access to millions of people. Through TikTok’s platform, your company could go viral and get access to millions of potential candidates.
  • Brand building. One of HR’s biggest struggles is to build a brand and showcase it to their candidates. TikTok gives HR the opportunity to build and show candidates their company culture all within 30 seconds.
  • Visualization of benefits. Using TikTok enables you to visually present all the benefits of working for your company. You can show what it is like to work for you, demonstrate work-life balance, and even demonstrate pay if you would like.
  • Flexibility across social media. TikTok provides the unique ability to integrate with multiple platforms. By sharing your TikTok video across other social media sites, you can build a following and gain access to even more candidates.

What To Consider Before Using TikTok for Recruiting

Before launching a full-scale recruitment marketing plan for TikTok, coordinate with key stakeholders who may need to be involved. It’s important that marketing content is on-brand and presents the company in the best light.

Know Your Candidate

While creating a video, keep the target candidate in mind. Go through the job requisition and determine what message would resonate most with the ideal candidate. Remember, each video has a specific target in mind and every candidate will have specific pain points or reasons why your job is more attractive to them.

Fit the Audience

Recruiting via any social media (other than LinkedIn) will not be the same for all open roles you wish to fill. Many senior-level positions will not be on TikTok so your time will be wasted if you are recruiting for a CEO or upper-level management position. Know your audience and determine if the role you are recruiting for is likely to be spending time on an app like TikTok.

Highlight the Brand

Ensure that each video you create maintains the culture and represents the brand of your organization. The last thing you want to do is misrepresent your company to millions of viewers.

How To Use TikTok for Recruiting

Leveraging the app can be as simple or as complicated as you would like. Many recruiters use their own personal accounts without any professional lighting or editing to attract their candidates. Others put in much more effort. How you proceed is up to you and what fits your recruitment strategy.

Step 1: Press Record

The worst thing you can do is simply doing nothing. Challenge yourself and your company recruiting to press the record button and create the recruitment content to attract the candidates you need. Coordinate with the company for roles and rules regarding social media. Once you have the details ironed out, proceed with creation.

Step 2: Create a Hook

It is imperative to hook each candidate quickly. A catchy hook increases the likelihood of your content going viral. The more viral your post becomes, the more you’ll be able to get your company in front of potential candidates. Putting the best part of the creative pitch in the first few seconds of your video tends to yield the best results.

Step 3: Drive Value

Tiktok candidates will only apply if your video content draws them in and motivates them toward action. By driving value to the position or organization, you can attract both active and passive candidates. Delivering on the value of the position (i.e. salary, work-life balance, benefits, etc.) attracts candidates and encourages them to apply.