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Learning & Development Statistics
Learning and development practices changed rapidly to adjust to the Covid-19 pandemic and continue to change at pace in order to address current and predicted skills gaps and to attract and retain the best employees. Technology influences learning and development. Technological progress prompts a need for employees to learn new skills both for the workplace now and for the future of work. New technologies mean there are new ways to learn, and employees appear to be very receptive to learning at their own pace. In addition, online and hybrid learning opportunities present a new way to learn.Here we look at what key research tells us about learning and development practices and changing strategies. Keep reading for insights that can help you plan your own employees' learning and development journey.

Why (and How) to Invest in Learning and Development

You’ve seen the numbers. Now, let’s take a look at a few ways you can implement the findings from this article.
  1. Invest time into training and developing your people. If you only take one thing away from these statistics, it’s this: don’t put learning and development on the back burner. For more information and ideas, check out the HR Encyclopedia articles on employee development
  2. Embrace remote learning opportunities. While social, interactive learning gets people engaged quickly, there’s also a place for asynchronous, self-paced learning. Whether or not you’re a remote workplace, invest in a good LMS so that your people can access the resources they need to excel.
  3. Make learning and development part of your recruiting strategy. The statistics show that candidates are more likely to take jobs that offer growth opportunities—and they tend to stay longer, too. As you build your employer brand, put together a careers page, and conduct interviews, make sure to highlight the ways your organization helps its people learn and progress.


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