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Employee time tracking software that saves you from wasted time and human error.

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Employee Time Tracking — Simplified

Clocking hours using Eddy’s time tracking software is super easy. Employees can simply clock in and out from their account. That info automatically appears in your time tracking portal for your (or the employee’s manager’s) approval. Punch cards and spreadsheets just can’t do that.

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Paper-free Approvals

Editing and approving employee timesheets takes only seconds. It’s all in one place, and there’s no need to gather documents or create spreadsheets. If you have a lot of timesheets to approve, you can choose to enable managers to review, edit, and approve time for their employees.

Overtime tracking? No problem.

The US has 50 states and almost as many different overtime laws. FLSA and other regulations only make things trickier. Eddy makes overtime calculations easy by doing them for you. You can rest easy knowing that payroll has accurate information and your people are paid properly.

Time Tracking - Employee profile - Eddy
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Pay Period Reports

With Eddy’s time tracking software, there’s no need to take time preparing reports for payroll. Eddy makes automatic calculations to create a pay period report that’s payroll ready. Using Eddy’s payroll service makes the process even more seamless!

Peace of Mind

With Eddy’s employee time tracking software, you can rest easy knowing that payroll has accurate information and your people are being paid properly. A smooth time tracking and approval process, accurate and reliable payroll inputs, and thorough associated reports make sure of it.

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