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Let Eddy help you keep your documents organized, your tasks assigned, and your new hires happy.

Upload, Store & Categorize

Say goodbye to paper

Upload, store and categorize all of your documents digitally in one place so you can get rid of your filing cabinet and move on from your spreadsheets. It’s a good move for your company and for the environment.

Create, Send & Track Documents

Never lose track

Need to know if your new hire signed their I-9 form? You got it. Did Janet in accounting ever get around to signing the latest version of the employee handbook? We’ll tell you. Stay up-to-date on every signature document and don’t worry about following up with the slackers, we’ve got you covered with automated reminders.

Employee Welcome Screens

Unforgettable first days

Let Eddy roll out the red carpet for your new hires. Give your candidate the best chance of having a great first day by sending a welcome email and a first-day message. This includes people to know, things to remember and what to expect. Help new employees come to work confident and excited!

Onboard like a pro

Here are some more in depth features which makes life easy for HR professionals.

Self Onboarding
New Hire Task list
Add A Personal Touch

Self Onboarding

Eddy lets your new hires complete the onboarding process by filling out their personal information and setting up a profile before they even walk in the door. By taking busy work out of day one, you save your time and their excitement for what actually matters. Training for the upcoming office olympics.

New Hire Task list

Customizable task lists help you get new employees up to speed quickly. With an agenda of important items to accomplish, they’ll be able to hit the ground running on their first day, and you can get on with your day.

Add A Personal Touch

You work with people and you should treat them that way. Eddy helps everyone get to know and connect with new teammates as they come aboard. This is a sure fire way to get a fill in for the company softball team.


Eddy enabled us to get organized, to move candidates along the process more smoothly, and to hire the right people in the right positions.

Nicole from Skipio

We had a lot of things falling through the cracks before Eddy and I knew we needed a better place to store documents… Eddy was a game changer!

Carlie from UCRPC

Clean, organized, and beautiful design. Anyone in the company can hop on and learn how to use it.

Chelsey from Tesani

Eddy simplifies what’s complicated. Try It For Free.

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