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Goodbye paper

The onboarding process with Eddy is completely paperless. All of your HR documents can be created, sent, signed, and stored 100% digitally. Clear up some floor space by losing the filing cabinet, and clean out your computer by moving on from spreadsheets. Eddy’s got you covered. Not only does this save time as you hire, it saves trees.


Your HR team has a lot going on. Your new hire is still between jobs so they have a bit more time; let them take care of their own onboarding. Everything from creating their own Eddy profile to digitally signing documents can be done by the new hire on their own. That’s roughly 5 hours per new hire that you can spend elsewhere.
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Eddy - Onboarding - Mobile
Eddy - Onboarding - Employee Tasks

Lose the lame first day

Let’s be honest, the first day on a new job is pretty lame. You may get some swag that you’ll keep out of obligation for two weeks, but the mind-numbing paperwork is awful. Guess what, lame first days are over. New hires can do all those excitement-sucking tasks before day one. First days should, and now can, be exciting and productive through Eddy.

Trackable new-hire task list

Quick question, what good is self-onboarding if you constantly have to bug new employees for progress updates? Answer: no good at all. That’s why we make your new-hire onboarding tasks trackable. Jump on Eddy and check where they’re at. No fuss, no awkward emails, just a silky smooth onboarding process.
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First Day Message

First-day messages

Your new hire probably has little experience with your company other than interviews. There’s a lot about working with you that they don’t know. Where to park? What to wear? When to show up? Who they’ll meet? You can send them all of this info through Eddy before they come, so they can walk through that push door disguised as a pull door with confidence.

Let's Grow Together

Eddy is super easy to use—many of our customers never even ask us for help. But if you find yourself needing any guidance, our amazing support team is here to help you every step of the way.
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