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Skill Struck

Skill Struck is an innovative ed-tech startup that offers a full curriculum and a supporting platform to help schools teach coding skills. Their team has more than doubled in size in the past year, but HR remains a team of one—meaning HR Operations Specialist Chris Ruddy has had a lot on his plate. We sat down with Chris to find out how Eddy has helped him save time and stress less.

Industry: Software

Location: American Fork, UT

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Skill Struck believes that coding is for everyone. Originally launched in 2017 as a one-week summer camp, the startup has since grown into a complete, cutting-edge platform for one-on-one learning. They know that computer science is a powerful skill to have in our digital world, and they’re on a mission to empower more students to learn it. Skill Struck is headquartered in American Fork, Utah and they partner with schools across the country.

Features They Love

Skill Struck hired over a dozen new employees last year. Chris tells us how Eddy’s Onboarding feature helped him handle the influx. “We have a nice onboarding packet now, all customized to Skill Struck. I especially like that I can upload a document and have people sign it through Eddy, because it means everything is all in one place.” It’s a time-saver for Chris, and it helps make a great first impression on new employees. “I’ve actually gotten really good comments from people about the onboarding via Eddy,” he says.

Chris uses the People Management feature daily to stay organized and keep track of his growing team. “I use it for tracking documents, keeping track of people and putting information in. I’m big on documentation,” he adds, “so whenever someone’s having performance issues, I track those things in the admin tab for the employee.” Everything Chris or any Skill Struck manager needs to know about an employee is readily available and easily accessible.

Making sure employees have the right certifications is important for a company like Skill Struck. “Everyone’s FERPA-certified because we’re ed tech,” says Chris, “so I track those training certifications in Eddy.” The Training Tracking feature lets him easily upload proof that shows each employee is up-to-date. When it’s time for them to renew, Eddy notifies Chris automatically.


It’s a pain point familiar to lots of small businesses: The organization grows, but the HR department doesn’t. Chris was overwhelmed with all the tasks he had to handle on his own, and payroll was the biggest and most intimidating of these. Pre-Eddy, he was handling payroll for over 30 employees in addition to all his other tasks, from billing to bookkeeping. “I was inputting everything and handling all the actual processing of payroll myself. I didn’t have anyone helping me with that,” he explains.


Now, having Eddy as Skill Struck’s dedicated payroll processor saves Chris time and trouble. “Lauren [from the Eddy team] pretty much does all the dirty work,” he says. Thanks to Eddy, Chris doesn’t have to face payroll alone anymore. “Lauren is pretty much our payroll department now, so that’s very significant value they provide.”

All Chris has to do is view the pay period report in Eddy and approve any hourly time sheets. He can easily edit any mistakes in a few clicks, and then simply submits the information to the payroll team at Eddy who will handle the rest. “I just think that the user experience is really good, and it’s always improving,” says Chris.


Time savings of 5+ hours per week

“Payroll used to take me about five hours a week, which represents lost opportunities to do other things. Plus, dealing with [our previous provider’s] complicated software and always calling them to ask questions was a few more hours a week,” says Chris. With the time he saves, he tells us: “I built an entire, giant employee resources page, onboarded 15 more sales reps—I’ve done quite a few projects.”

A simplified, streamlined workflow

“The software we were using before was very cluttered, very glitchy and very complicated,” Chris tells us. “The experience with Eddy has been a lot better than what it was with our previous provider. The interface is really nice, and very clean.” Eddy lets Chris streamline his workflow, getting more done with less fuss.

Access to resources and a supportive team

“Taking on payroll yourself is a lot of stress. I was doing it on my own, but little did I know that it was better to have someone else do it,” Chris tells us. “Lauren has helped me so much, and the HR Encyclopedia, the network of HR Mavericks…I think the biggest benefit that Eddy provides is giving solo HR people a team and resources.”

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