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Revisit this page over the next few weeks and see how many you can check off.

Get Connected

Start your first conversations with fellow HR Mavericks by introducing yourself in the #introductions Slack channel

Meet other members

Make it easier for other members to find you by adding HR Mavericks to your work experience on LinkedIn. Use whatever title makes sense: contributor, member, etc.

Go to LinkedIn 

Stay connected with community members and content on LinkedIn by following our hashtage “#hrmavericks”

Follow the hashtag

Share that you’ve joined the movement to democratize HR in a LinkedIn post for all to see. Here’s a sample post you can use:

I just joined the HR Mavericks! We’re a community of HR professionals that are leading the movement to Democratize HR by building free educational resources for people new to the field. You can learn more about the movement and join us here: eddy.com/hr-mavericks/

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Start Creating

Tell us more about yourself so we can publish your own creator profile page

Create profile 

Pick from a list of HR topics and let our content team guide you through the process of writing an amazing article on it

Sign up 

Pick from a list of HR topics and participate in a live-streamed conversation on it with a handful of other professionals.

Sign up 

Tell us about an HR topic that you’re passionate about and you might be selected to be a guest on our weekly podcast

Pitch episode 

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