Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Gifts HR Professionals Will Actually Want This Year

Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Gifts HR Professionals Will Actually Want This Year

‘Tis the season to give. And what better way to show your gratitude to the HR professional in your life (even if you, reader, are said HR professional) than with a holiday gift.
Need help finding the gift that says “thanks for all your hard work this year”? From books to Bose headphones, we’ve got you covered with 20 gift ideas. Happy shopping!

1. Yes, You Can Talk about Mental Health in the Workplace by Melissa Doman

Melissa Doman’s book is a practical, how-to guide for conducting meaningful mental health conversations in the workplace. Not only is it helpful for supporting employees, it normalizes the conversation for HR professionals, too.
Plus, you can learn more about her approach to effectively discussing mental health at work and making an impact on company culture on this episode of the HR Mavericks podcast.
Price: $15.95
Buy it here.

2. Headspace subscription

The go-to app to help you meditate, sleep, stress less, and live a more mindful life.
This app is one of the best gifts I have given myself."
Ryan Archibald HR Maverick
Price: $4.99/month (limited time only)
Buy it here.

3. Moleskine notebook

HR folks are always taking notes, so why not upgrade their notebook to a Moleskine.
Price: $11.86
Buy it here.

4. Fountain pen

Of course, you can go all out and splurge for a Moleskin and a fancy fountain pen. (Yes, you—I mean they—deserve it!) We love this one from Shinola.
Price: $59
Buy it here.

5. Noise-canceling headphones

These Bose noise-canceling headphones are not only great for tuning noise out, but also shine when making voice calls. The perfect gift for your WFH HR pro.
Price: $299
Buy them here.

6. 'Bluer than Indigo' Leadership: The Journey of Becoming a Truly Remarkable Leader by Jonathan H. Westover, PhD

Dr. Westover’s book shares how there is no one-size-fits-all approach to effective leadership. Get it for the HR professional in your life who already knew that *wink* or an aspiring HR leader (maybe that’s you!).
Plus, you can learn more about how the color indigo—and a servant leadership mentality—inspired the leadership lessons he wrote about in his new book on this episode of the HR Mavericks podcast.
Price: $14.98
Buy it here.
I love getting books on leadership, neuroscience in work, and other people-ops-related topics to always be learning and open myself up to new ways of thinking."
Kelly Loudermilk HR Maverick

7. HR Life: A Snarky, Relatable & Humorous Adult Coloring Book for Human Resource Professionals

This adult coloring book offers HR pros the chance to tap into their inner artist—or simply take a much-needed mental break between Zoom meetings.
Price: $6.99
Buy it here.

8. Coffee subscription box

“But first, coffee.” - every HR professional ever
Give your HR pro the gift of a morning cup of joe with a monthly subscription box.
Price: varies
Buy it here.

9. YETI tumbler

Pairs perfectly with the above coffee subscription box. You’re welcome.
Price: $29.99
Buy it here.
I LOVE swag. Hoodies, tumblers, notebooks, or personalized portfolios or briefcases—anything I could use in and out of the office."
Heather Anderson HR Maverick

10. Thank you cards and envelopes

Help make sending a handwritten thank you note that much sweeter with these floral cards and envelopes.
Price: $29.95
Buy them here.

11. A succulent (or three) for their desk

Going green is always a good idea—but especially so when it comes to gifts. And The Sill’s trio of succulents is perfect for the casual plant parent (hint: they really only need to be watered once a month!).
Price: $16 for 3
Buy them here.

12. Adjustable phone holder dock

Omoton’s adjustable phone holder dock is perfect for the multi-tasking HR pro who’s taking calls and taking notes—or simply needs a place to keep track of their phone at the office.
Price: $12.99
Buy it here.

13. Neck and back massager

Smooth away the stress of the day with this cordless neck and back massager.
Price: $58.99
Buy it here.

14. Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Glennon Doyle’s acclaimed memoir empowers readers to trust their instincts.
Price: $25.76
Buy it here.

15. Bombas socks

Let your HR pro know they’re the bomb(as) with this set of cozy holiday socks. (Seriously, who doesn’t love new socks?)
Price: $70
Buy them here for women’s and here for men’s.

16. AWAY carry-on suitcase

For the HR pro who’s always on the go.
Price: from $225
Buy it here.

17. Travel scratch-off map

Ditto the above, but for when they come back (and want to show off their trips).
Price: $32.00
Buy it here.

18. Mini humidifier

Help your HR pro stay hydrated in the (home) office with this personal desktop humidifier.
Price: $14.98
Buy it here.

19. Something totally unique

When in doubt, get something personal and unique to the HR pro in your life.
The best gifts are personal! So try to tailor it to their hobbies or interests if possible. For example: if they like cooking, you could get some special vinegars; if they like hiking/camping, you could get a filtering water bottle. If you don't know their hobbies very well, something self-care related (healthy snacks, bath stuff, a fitness subscription, etc.) is always a good option."
Katie Bahr HR Maverick
Price: varies

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