How Eddy Throws a Halloween Party

Employees love holidays and an easy one to get people involved in is Halloween. With decorating, themed lunches, and a costume contest, your people will anticipate Halloween each and every year like they do at Tesani.
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Halloween Preparation

Start talking about Halloween ideas with your event committee at the beginning or middle of September. No idea is too big or small but giving yourself enough time to execute your idea well will make it more successful.

Giving yourself this time lets you start making any preparations necessary, and it makes the actual event less stressful. At Tesani we love surprises so we like to keep our event committee small so there are more people to surprise. 

Start with Decorating

It doesn’t matter if your office is big or small, you can decorate the space and you can get employees stoked for the party. Step one to decorating is coming up with a theme. Sure, you can decorate with generic orange and black and a Happy Halloween sign, but try to take it up a notch. Come up with a fun Halloween or scary theme.
Halloween Party

Having a theme will make your planning easier and create a more memorable experience for your employees. At Tesani, we like to pick themes where we can create a scene: Graveyard, crime scene, Stranger Things, Haunted House, etc.

Decorating throughout the whole office is easy if you have one location and not many employees, but as your company grows, focus on decorating the areas where most of your company congregates. We decorate Mindy’s Café, where we eat lunch together, and our office’s two entrances.

Halloween Party
Halloween Party
Halloween Party

If you can personalize the decorations to your employees, they will love it! Our crime scene had an outline of every employee’s body taped on the ground next to their desk. The next year’s graveyard had a tombstone with their name and how they hilariously died. 

BIG TIP!!! Again, keep everything a secret! We don’t decorate till the night before Halloween when the office is empty because it’s a lot more fun when everything is a surprise.

A Delicious Festive Lunch

At Tesani we are fortunate to have Chef Mindy who provides a spooky lunch each year. She creates creepy meals whether that’s zombie lasagna, chips and guacamole, or a pumpkin veggie tray. We try to include everything we can into the theme. Providing a detailed themed lunch may not be easy for every company to pull off, but there’s always something you can do. An easy option is to have you and your team put your chef hats on and add some fun Halloween food ideas to a pizza day! If budget allows, order in some lunch from a popular local spot around your company.
Halloween Food
Halloween Food

Holidays are a special day and fun food always makes them more exciting for employees, but how can you make your ordered-in meal more festive? Add some homemade root beer and a caramel apple bar! 

Our employees love the caramel apple bar and it is something they snack on throughout the whole day. It’s the perfect addition to a Fall Holiday meal because it’s fun and so simple to prep. Just cut up apples into slices, make a quick caramel and chocolate sauce, and get any and every topping you can think of (nuts, Oreos, marshmallows, sprinkles.) To top off your Halloween lunch, get that spooky Spotify playlist going and have everyone eat together.

Caramel Apples

Costume Contest

This is where your employees get involved. At Tesani, we are all in and the competition is fierce. Our veteran employees start thinking of costumes ideas in July because the stakes are so high. Having a costume runway with fun Halloween music at the 3 o’clock slump is the best time to get employees re-engaged in the Halloween spirit.
Halloween Party Group Photo

Choose an MC to call up each individual or group to strut their stuff and give them a chance to show and explain their costume if necessary. Make voting ballots available for employees to vote after the runway is over to choose a winner.

We are a competitive group at Tesani so we love having prizes for our costume contest winners. There are lots of ways you can categorize winners. Two easy ones are having categories like scariest, best overall, and most original; or just choose 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

We’ve liked having 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners because so many people have different opinions on what scary is to them or what they think is original or not. We reward winners with cash prizes of $100, $75, $50, but offering anything or even just a trophy gives the winners something to brag about for a full year.

On October 1st, send out a company message about the costume contest and prizes. This gives everyone a chance (especially new employees) to have more time to get involved. Include sending out pictures of costumes from previous years to let employees know what level of competition to expect.

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