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Samantha Kiper

Samantha Kiper

Samantha is the HR Manager at an oil and gas midstream company. Her niche is the smaller mid-size company where you're in that in-between of having formal structured policies and procedures and where HR is just a thought of a concept. Samantha is a serial hobbyist - name it and she's probably dabbled in it.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Ask those questions! HR professionals understand the importance of mentoring and are almost always willing to share information. Ask your network what they are up to, struggles and successes. For someone new, this helps give them insight and exposure and as you build your experience it turns into more of a brainstorming session.

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Samantha Kiper:

Reference Check

After working hard to narrow down the applicant pool, you think you have finally found the perfect candidate to fill the open position. One of the next steps is typically to complete reference checks to solidify your candidate as your next new hire. Let's discuss the pros, cons, and how-tos of checking references.

Pay Period

Do you know that there are different types of pay periods? Understanding what a pay period is, what impacts it has, and how to go about selecting the best pay period for your business is important. Keep reading to get the low down on everything pay-period related.

Pre-Tax Deductions

Have you ever wondered what a pre-tax deduction is? Keep reading to dive into what it is, its regulatory components and benefits.