Ep. 18

Leaving a Toxic Work Environment and Putting Yourself First w/ Milly Christmann

In episode 18, we sat down with Milly Christmann to talk about how to know when it’s time to leave a toxic work environment—according to your own tolerance levels.
Milly Christmann

Milly Christmann

Marathon Growth Management

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Leaving a toxic work environment can be a difficult and emotional endeavor. You might be fearful of what happens when you leave a job you know so well. Will you fail? Will your next workplace be just as bad?

We sat down with Milly Christmann, Owner of Marathon Growth Management, to talk about why employees have to put their own mental health first—especially when working in a challenging or toxic work environment.

As a consultant and coach, Milly helps small- and medium-sized businesses get their HR teams up to speed, ensuring that they’re maximizing the potential of their people and processes. And she’s seen—and experienced—her fair share of toxic work environments.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Why being a people person doesn’t guarantee success in HR
  • How to identify—and know it’s time to leave—a toxic work environment
  • How to overcome the fear of leaving a job or company you know (and take the risk to find a better one)
  • How to ensure pivoting your career will work for you

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