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Ep. 26

26. Being Innovative in HR w/ Cassidy Gonzalez

In episode 26, we sat down with Cassidy Gonzalez to hear about how to innovate common HR processes and practices to make them not only better, but fun for everyone involved.
Cassidy Gonzalez

Cassidy Gonzalez

Vice President of People

As a field that is often associated with strict rules and regulations, HR is actually a pretty innovative and creative place to work.

But don’t take it from us. Take it from Cassidy Gonzalez, Vice President of People at Pura. In this episode, we sat down with Cassidy to hear about how she and her team have discovered opportunities to innovate the way things have always been done in HR.

We also talked about:

  • Why innovate is more than just a corporate buzzword
  • Why she thinks HR is a field that can be innovative
  • How Pura has done things a bit differently when it comes to interviews, orientation, team structure, and exit celebrations—and how fun it’s been to take an innovative approach

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Innovation is a different way of doing things for a better outcome. And in the field of HR, we innovate daily.”

Cassidy Gonzalez

Human Resources, Human Capital Management, Employee Experience, People Experience, People Operations. To me, they are all the same thing. It's about ensuring people love their job and staying compliant to laws and regulations. People think they are being innovative and changing the way things are done, but in my opinion, there are actual ways to be innovative besides a new nomenclature for the department.”

Cassidy Gonzalez

When it comes to interviewing, every company has its standard way of doing things—whether it’s a phone screen, or a first round interview, or a panel interview. Instead, think about how you can make the process more about the candidate and less about your company.”

Cassidy Gonzalez

Our innovative interview process sets candidates up to become a part of the team. Our culture at Pura is to give employees the power to choose and the freedom to do your best.”

Cassidy Gonzalez

We’re giving our HR professionals the tools to run their own departments in the future. Instead of being siloed in one specialty, we empower our People Experience Partners to have a hand in everything. It’s incredible skill and leadership development.”

Cassidy Gonzalez

At Pura, we’re a people builder, not a product builder. Yes, we have a cool product, but we truly care about people and supporting their growth.”

Cassidy Gonzalez

Exit celebrations are a small way to be innovative in the exit process. It’s an easy way to elevate your culture and your people, and to say thank you for everything you brought to our organization.”

Cassidy Gonzalez

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