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Cassidy Gonzalez

Cassidy Gonzalez

Cassidy was born in central Utah on the 4th of July. She attended Utah State University then started her career with Fusion-io. Cassidy traded in the Utah snow for the Golden State in 2013 and worked at SanDisk and Google. She left Google to travel the world and after visiting 30+ countries, she returned to Utah and met her husband on Hell's Revenge in Moab. She is currently the Head of People at Pura and is the mom of two sweet kids and a dog.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

When you're just starting out in HR, do 3 things: 1st - Put your head down and get to work. Don't seek recognition, be a self-starter and be a sponge. 2nd - Find your own person "board of directors" (ie mentors). I would find 3-5 people who are experts in different areas under the HR umbrella. Learn all you can, be a sponge. And 3rd - Execute well on everything that crosses your path. Do this with humility and you will quickly see your career flourish!