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Tyler Orr

Tyler Orr

Tyler is an HR professional-turned-career advisor. After earning a master’s in HR and an MBA, he completed several development rotations while working for a Fortune 100 financial services and insurance company. After gaining experience in HR project management, data and analytics, and as an HR business partner, he decided the right next move was a transition into higher ed and career services. He now provides career support for students in a top-ranked supply chain management program at a large Tier 1 university, but maintains a love for the field of HR and an interest in seeing HR professionals succeed and push the envelope!

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Don’t just do “HR things” in a little corner where nobody talks to you unless there’s a payroll or employee relations issue! Focus your efforts on building relationships across the organization, identifying business problems, and creating innovative people-based solutions to those problems to add value. The bar is low since so many people have had bad experiences with HR – so you have a great opportunity to blow people away if you engage with them on strategy!

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