What’s New in Eddy: Company Holidays Have Arrived

We continue to work hard each and every day to improve our product. We are thrilled to share our latest updates, including the addition of company holidays. We look forward to getting your feedback so that we can continue to build the best HR product for small and mid-sized companies.
What’s New in Eddy: Company Holidays Have Arrived
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We’ve been hard at work and we’re excited to unveil some of our latest features and improvements to our users. Check out what’s new in the paragraphs below.

Company Holidays

In an effort to make your time off tracking and payroll even smoother, we’re excited to introduce our new company holidays feature. Eddy customers can now specify their custom list of paid company holidays, determine pay settings for their employees on those days, and have that data automatically sync to their pay period reports.

The company holidays will also appear in the company time-off calendar, so all your employees are aware of the days they have off.

To learn more, check out our video on how to set up company holidays:

New Rejection Reasons

Eddy’s applicant tracking system helps keep users compliant. When it comes to rejecting job applicants, it’s important that you not only record the reason for rejection, but that you specify a reason that follows HR best practices.

To help with this, Eddy gives users a list of rejection reasons to choose from that are already HR-approved. With this update, we’ve expanded the list of rejection reasons so that you have more options and can more accurately disposition your job candidates.

New Rejection Reasons

Contractor Status Support

We heard from many of our customers that they’d like to be able to label some of the people in their organization as contractors. These people are not employees, and therefore need a different label to distinguish them from the group.

Our latest update includes support for this change. You can now label anyone in your organization as a contractor.

Job Details

Multi-Signer Documents with Order Switching

A few months ago, Eddy released an update that allowed users to create signature documents with two signers. We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded on this feature and have improved it dramatically.

Now, any document in Eddy can be signed by up to five people. Additionally, you can customize the order in which these signers see and sign the document.

What’s more, the entire process is completely automated. After the document is seen and signed by one person, it’ll automatically notify the next signer that it’s their turn, and will continue down the line until the document is complete.

To learn more about this feature, check out the video below:

Share Your Feedback

If you’re an existing customer, we’d love to get your feedback and hear about what we’re doing well, and where we can improve.

If you’re not a customer, but currently searching for HR software that can do everything in a single platform, then check us out! We’d be delighted to share the variety of ways we can save your company time and money.

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