Paid Time Off (PTO) Software

PTO could be your employees’ favorite HR policy. Who wouldn’t like a bunch of extra Saturdays throughout the year? Unfortunately, PTO is a pain to administer with outdated processes. On the other hand, defining PTO plans, requesting time off, approving or denying time off, and viewing usage and balance reports can all be done in minutes through Eddy.
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Eddy - PTO - Policies
Eddy - PTO - policies

PTO Policies

Your company is unique; you should have a tool to build your PTO policies that are flexible enough to fit your needs. Eddy does that. Whether you have a basic PTO plan, or you divide time into vacation or sick time-off plans, Eddy can manage it. Creating a custom plan and adding employees to that plan can easily be done in 5 minutes. Creating and managing PTO plans in spreadsheets could take hours.

Time Off Requests

HR managers get a constant stream of time-off requests. Taking care of those requests through email and spreadsheets is messy at best, and worthless at worst. If you can’t track and respond to time-off requests quickly and easily, your process isn’t serving you how it needs to. These types of tasks can take only seconds through Eddy.
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Eddy - PTO - policies
PTO - Mobile
Eddy - PTO - Employee profile

PTO Balances

When an employee asks how much PTO they have, how long does it take for you to find that info? If the answer is more than eight seconds flat, you’re wasting time. In Eddy, you tell them exactly how much PTO they have, how much they have accrued, and how much they have used in just eight seconds. Your time is valuable, let us help you protect it.

Time Off Calendar

Eddy’s time off calendar adds a level of transparency to your business. It helps employees, admins, and managers know when coworkers have scheduled time off so they can plan workflow schedules around it.
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Eddy is super easy to use—many of our customers never even ask us for help. But if you find yourself needing any guidance, our amazing support team is here to help you every step of the way.
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